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NTC Announced Eid Award for its Employees in Ramzan-ul-Mubarak

NTC Announced Eid Reward for its Employees in Ramzan-ul-Mubarak

Islamabad (Friday, July 19, 2013) – National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) has announced Eid Reward money for it workers.

Rs. 7000/= will be paid to every employee of corporation having pay group I to V (Regular, Contract and Deputation).

This notification/internal memorandum issued on July 16, 2013 with subject “Eid Award as an Ex-Gratia”.


What is Ex-Gratia?
Ex Gratia is Latin word meaning  “by favour”, and is most often used in a legal context. When something has been done ex gratia, it has been done voluntarily, out of kindness or grace. In law, an ex gratia payment is a payment made without the giver recognizing any liability or legal obligation.


NTC Eid Award Notification dated 16-7-2013
NTC Eid Award Notification dated 16-7-2013

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  1. ghullam mustafa bhatti

    a.oa. pl i have sorry to say that one point is not inculded in above mentioned comments regrading the payments of ntc pacyments eid and other payments . the remaing of freez payments and other medical allowance of ntc employees by the managements of ntc and board of directors. now one main is point must BE INTIMATED TO ALL THE WORKERS HAPY TIME OF ALL THE NTC CBA ESTABLISHED IN NTC AND GREAT STRUGGLE OF LEADER AND WORKERS OF NTC TO WORK IN NTC . THE PAYMENTS ARE ILLEGALLY FREZZ AND THAT IS CRIMINAL OFFONCE NOW THE SUPERM COURT TO ALLOW THE SAME ORDER IN PENSION SEE http://WWW.FINANCE .GOV.PK AND HELP ALL NEED PEOPLES OF COUNTRY AND ALL MANKIND OF WORK OK PL

  2. ghullam mustafa bhatti

    ok pl thanks good news and i and we requested that the pending matters be grnat to nt c employees beso sotck shace insnetive and medical etc to ntc all employees beacuse the retirment and other personal claims could not be facilalated to poor workers ntc ok i have notknow that now the work council and cba union work in ntc. i and we requested to all mangment ntc pl release the genoiun personal claim . heavy (M ILLION loss) has been to all . the pension and monthly grnat penson to widows / self and family etc . the voilance of all basic reght and fundamental rights and also claer cut the voliance of our home land consitutation under artical199 and 25 37 (E) and 38 116 ,9 of 1973and the others labour laws etc . the indepandent judicary etc .pl i and we excuse from all if our that request may be hit on heart . pl accept and be good and help to all needy and poor peoples of our country and as wellas mainkind of world . ok pl allah hafaz

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