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NTC CBA Union Charter of Demand (COD) 2012 in Detail

NTC CBA Union Charter of Demand (COD) (Detail)
The whole Charter of Demand (COD) was discussed in detail. After having the negotiations concluded successfully, full settlement reached between the Management and CBA on demands related to better terms and conditions of NTC employees. The settlement reached on each demand is as under:


Demand No. 01


NTC should increase Pay Scale on following basis:

1.     Group – I  to III            60%

2.     Group – I V to V           50%

3.     Group- VI                     40%

4.     Group – VII  to above    20%



NTC should adopt government pay scales revised in 2011.

Agreed to adopt option-2  w.e.f. 01.07.2012 as per following: i.  Adoption of Basic pay as per Govt. Pay scales, 2011. The basic pay shall be fixed on point to point basis i.e. at the stage corresponding to that occupied by an employee above the minimum of NTC pay groups.ii. Grant of Ad-hoc Relief Allowance-2012 @ 20% of revised Basic pay.

iii.      Revision of Conveyance allowance as per Govt. rates.

iv.      Discontinuation of Ad-hoc relief Allowance-2009 w.e.f. 01.07.2012.

v. Frozen of Ad-hoc relief Allowance-2010, 2011 as its level of admissibility level as on 30.06.2011.

vi.      Finance Division while approving ad-hoc relief 2011 has frozen all pay and allowances paid as percentage of pay at the level of its admissibility w.e.f. 30.06.2011. Following 3 pay & allowances of NTC being paid on percentage are affected due to this decision. The matter was discussed in the meeting and NTC management has agreed to take-up the matter with Finance Division for continuation of incentive pay, utility allowance and medical allowance with out freezing.

Demand No. 07

NTC should increase IT allowance from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 2,000/- Agreed to increase IT allowance from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 800/- p.m.

Demand No. 08

NTC should increase washing allowance from Rs. 300/- to 1000/- Agreed to increase washing allowance from Rs. 300/- to Rs. 400/- p.m.

Demand No. 10

NTC should authorize and pay Telephone charges to NTC staff as bellow:BPS (1-10)  @  Rs. 1000/= P.MBPS (11-15) @ Rs.2000/= P.M Agreed to allow NTC telephone connections to NTC staff (BPS- 1 to BPS-15) without installation charges where NTC network is available along with free of cost telephone set and employees have to pay monthly bills (All inclusive).

Demand No. 13

NTC should increase/ allow hard area allowance @ 40% of running basic. Agreed to increase Hard Area allowance from 15% to 30% of Basic Pay with revised SoP regarding admissibility of the same.


Demand No. 16

Death Grant / Funeral charges may be allowed as per  following:1.     On employee death  Rs. 50,000/-2.     Dependents death Rs. 30,000/- Agreed to increase death Grant / Funeral charges on employee’s death from Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 30,000/-.

Demand No. 17

Day care and retiring room for ladies allowed in all offices. Facility will be provided as per requirement.

Demand No. 18

Separate wash rooms should be insured for the female employees.


Demand No. 19

NTC should pay Eid Reward to employees at least Rs. 20,000/- As per present practice, efforts will be made to increase the Eid reward keeping in view the financial position of the Corporation. Separate clause for payment of Eid reward may be incorporated in Service Regulations.

Demand No. 20

NTC should allow loan for house building advance equal to 80 gross pay on completion of 10 years service. Continue with present policy. However, efforts will be made to allocate more funds to accommodate more employees.

Demand No. 21

Approval of non-refundable grant for marriage of each daughter amounting to Rs. 100,000/= as per labor policy, 2011. Agreed to adopt the Benevolent Fund policies admissible to Federal Government Employees.

Demand No. 22

Five months advance salary refundable on easy installments on the occasion of marriage of the sister/daughters. Agreed to grant advance 04 basic pays on account of marriage of daughter with recovery period of one year. However, deduction will not be made more than 1/3rd of salary.

Demand No. 28

NTC Should approve Hajj policy for the employees beyond age limit 35 years.(Employees serving in BPs1 to 15) Minimum 05 persons from every Directorate. For female employees Mehram should be supported with 50% of Hajj expenses. Agreed to sponsor HAJJ for six (06) employees (group 1 to 6) per year with one from each directorate and one from Headquarter. The balloting shall be held in the respective directorate, employees having minimum 40 years of age shall be eligible.

Demand No. 29

Motorcycle Advance should be granted to employees from BPS-01 to 15 and the amount of advance should be increased from Rs. 50,000/- to 75,000/- as per government policy.

Agreed as per Government Policy

Demand No. 30

Liveries and Uniform Allowance should be increased up to Rs. 8,000/- per season TO and ES may also be provided uniform. Agreed to grant annual increase @ 5% to 10% p.a. as per decision of NTC Management Board.
Education Grant should be admissible as follows.  
1.     Class 1st  to 5thClass2.     Class 9th to 10thClass3.     Intermediate (Arts)4.     Intermediate (Science)

5.     Graduation

6.     Master

7.     Engineering / Medical

8.     Hafiz ul Quran

Rs.1500Rs. 3000Rs.5000Rs.6000




Rs. 10000/- (Once)

Group-I to V Class 1st to onwards
Group-VI to VII Class 6th to onwards
Group-VIII to MG-II Intermediate to onwards


Demand No. 36

Daily wages / contract staff be regularized as per Govt. policy recently announced by the President of Pakistan.

Agreed to regularize the staff eligible for regularization under the NTC service Regulations. However, who cannot be regularized may be continued service till the age of superannuation. Such employee’s may be paid gratuity equal to one basic pay X number of years served on attaining the age of superannuation.

Demand No. 38

NTC Should approve employees son quota in all types of employment

Agreed to extant that one child (son/daughter) of employee who retire from service on medical grounds on account of terminal prolong diseases will be considered for employment. However, in other cases, 10% extra marks in overall marks will be granted to the children of NTC Employees subject to amendment in Service Regulation.

Demand No. 39

NTC should upgrade all technical/Finance/Admin cadres as per Govt. policy/ the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. As per Federal Government instructions.

Demand No. 41

Participation of CBA union representative may be ensured in all types of committees. Agreed to include the representative of union on case to case basis.

Demand No. 42

NTC should send representatives of CBA on seminar/workshop, local/ Abroad. Agreed to include the representative of union on local seminar/workshop. However, for visit abroad Government policy will be followed.

Demand No. 43

The provision of sufficient accommodation may be ensured either by constructing the additional houses on NTC Land or where NTC land is not available by purchasing or leasing the land from available resources. NTC should purchase the land for employees working in BPS-1 to 15 and construct the houses. Value of land as well as construction may be deducted from the salary of the employees. Matter may be taken-up with relevant Govt. departments like CDA etc for provision of land for the purpose.

Demand No. 45

NTC should revise its pension rules. For example an employee, after retirement have to visit regional / divisional office to fill up the pension form to get the pension. This is a wastage of time as well as money. Retired employee should be given pension facility at nearest bank / post office. Claim form should be submitted to the nearest concerned post office / bank. Efforts will be made to further facilitate the retired employees.

Demand No. 48

After completion of 25 years of service, the employee should be allowed to be posted at home station or station of his / her own choice. Agreed where possible as per Government policy.

Demand No. 49

All employees from BPS 1-15 should be promoted to next pay group on completion of 5 years service, according to rules. The promotion date for regional as well as for NTC HQ should be same. Condition of educational qualification for promotion should be amended and basic required qualification for the subject post should not be enhanced in the case of promotion. Agreed to consider relaxing promotion criteria for officials (group-1 to group-5) for promotion under rule # 2.26.

Demand No. 54

Staff standard should be implemented strictly. Current status of staff standard should be provided immediately.

Agreed to share final staff standard before notification.

Demand No. 56

Motorcycle scheme should be introduced in NTC from G-1 to G-V in easy installments. To be examined in the light of Govt. policy/other corporations.


Demand No. 58

The panel hospitals should provide medicines up-to 7 days at the time of discharging the patient. Facility is already available at panel Hospital CMH/MH in big cities. Provision of facility of panel Hospital in any other city shall be considered on case to case basis.

Demand No. 60

Indoor and emergency treatments should be immediately treated on presenting NTC medical card.

Agreed to introduce Medical Cards for all employees.

Demand No. 63

Retired employees should be allowed same medical treatments for personal and their dependents. Agreed to grant medical allowance as per Govt. Policy w.e.f. 01.07.2012 and shall stand frozen at the same level.

Demand No. 64

Cash advances in serious and emergency cases should be allowed on written request of an employee along with doctor’s certificate.

Already in practice.

It is agreed that this settlement is in the nature of package deal and all demands of the CBA union which are agreed, stands settled. It is further agreed that till the next settlement the union will neither raise any new demand nor re-submit any old demand (except the issues raised in the course of time) having any financial implications. However, increase in Pay & Allowances as announced by the Federal Government, may be considered.


Muhammad Ishaque Khan                                                                                                          Mazhar Iqbal                                                                                                Adnan Moin

     Chairman NTC EUU                                                                                                             President NTC EUU                                                                         Secretary General NTC EUU

   Mrs. Talat Altaf Khan                                                                     MIan Muhammad Shafique                                                                                    Miraj Gul

        DG (Finance)                                                                                          DG (Operations)                                                                                        DG (Technical)

      Shakirullah Khan                                                                           Muhammad Hafeez Abbasi                                                                            Zahid Hussain Shah

         GM (A & HR)                                                                                            GM (Finance)                                                                                               Director (HR)


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