International Trade Union – UNI Global Union Switzerland lettter to CEO PTCL for PTCL Workers Rights:

International Trade Union – UNI Global Union Switzerland lettter to CEO PTCL for PTCL Workers Rights:

General Secretary
UNI Global Union
8-10 av. Reverdil
Nyon 1260
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Nyon, 24 August 2010
Respect and dignity for workers and trade union leaders in PTCL
Dear Mr. Irshad,
I write to you to express our support for the workers of the Pakistan Telecom Company Ltd. (PTCL) in Pakistan who are currently being denied their legitimate right to a wage increase which was legitimately handed down by the government of Pakistan.
UNI Global Union is the global union federation for service workers. We represent 20 million workers in 900 trade unions across the world.
Our affiliate, the Pakistan Telecommunication Employees Union (CBA), has brought to our attention the plight of workers who have been denied their basic right to a wage increase as stipulated by the Government of Pakistan. Instead, it has been alleged that the company has delayed the wage offer, and then after some weeks offered an inferior wage increase on the 2008 rate instead of the current years’ rate. This is offensive to the employees who work tirelessly for the company.
It seems that over the last several years that the alleged behaviour of PTCL has been to consistently adopt an approach in which, when wage increases or other benefits are legitimately awarded to employees by the government, the company finds it is their right to circumvent the law and deny these increases to employees. It would seem that it is only when workers rightly object to the company’s refusal to award government enacted wage increases that the company will act. We are deeply concerned about this recurring pattern of behaviour by PTCL management.
Further to this, we have been informed that the company has dismissed a loyal and committed employee, Mr. Hassan Muhammad Rana. Mr. Rana has conscientiously defended the rights of workers in PTCL. The dismissal of a trade union leader is deeply concerning to the international union movement. We ask that the company immediately reinstate Mr. Hassan. We understand that this is also an order of the High Court.
The alleged behaviour of PTCL is unacceptable and is in violation of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention 87 on Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise Convention, to which Pakistan ratified in 1951. International law and
standards demand that companies respect the collective bargaining process and respect the Freedom of Association. This includes social dialogue aimed at resolving issues in the workplace.
We will now be monitoring the company more closely to ensure that the company is doing what it has been directed to do by the Government and the High Court.
We believe that it is a workers legitimate right to be represented by their union if they so choose. We also believe that a democratically elected government has the right to enact laws and for courts to make legitimate orders on individuals and companies. We would urge the company to act in accordance with government legislation and court orders and right these wrongs at once. We urge you to enter into dialogue with the union so that a solution can be reached immediately.
UNI demands that workers be given their pay rise at the correct rates. UNI demands that Mr. Hassan be reinstated with immediate effect.
We look forward to hearing from you soon regarding progress on this issue.
Philip J. Jennings
General Secretary, UNI Global Union.

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    they are rode at all and they always disconnect my ptcl connection and my dsl. i know that you are not gonna answer my email, but still i am here and i am not social boycott.
    i can post against you on my blog and everywhere. but again its a request to serve me Good service. my number is 00923003272420.

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