On issuing Memo of 30% Pay Raise: What SEVP Mazhar addressed?

On issuing Memo of 30% Pay Raise: What SEVP Mazhar addressed?

The management reaffirms its commitment to uphold the best interest and welfare of its employees. In continuation to our circular dated 11th August 2010, we are pleased to announce following revisions in the salary increase of employees:

1. For the sake of uniformity, 50% of Initial Basic Pay is converted to 30% of Running Basic Pay for all non management regular and NCPG employees effective from 1st July 2010.

2. As committed in our circular dated 11th August, 2010, additional 20% of running Basic pay is also approved which will be allowed on the basis of the evaluation report of the employees for December 2010 and June 2011 in terms of good conduct, punctuality and discharge of basic duties. This allowance will also be paid with retrospective effect from 1st July 2010 and will be applicable to all regular and NCPG employees.

This is an illustration of the management’s care and concern towards the prosperity and well being of its employees. Now we urge upon all the employees to demonstrate their loyalty to the company, work hard and bring good results so that we can continue to extend more opportunities to all our employees. It is hoped that the employees would reciprocate this gracious initiative of the management and will not be part of any illegal activity.

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  1. If someone does not know;- what is privatisation and what does it mean;- he should look at the humiliation of ptcl employees at the hands of management even in this pro worker govt.

  2. loyality remain ins dogs now days Mr. Mazhar and your proved that you are so loyal with PTCL and thanks god we are the culprits lol

  3. Can you tell us the main eleven point agenda of “Dharna”

  4. “illegal activity”?
    He should learn that its THEM who are carrying out illegal and oppressive activity.
    “gracious initiative”?
    The thick head does not know that its the money of the people of Pakistan. PTCL is not their company. ALL of them are employees, not owners. Any profit they earned, was due to the employees at lower ranks who are struggling to get their rightful salary hike. Shouldn’t the company return the favor by accepting their justified demands?

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