Open Letter of Imran : Promotion, Regularization and Upgradation of Non-Management PTCL Employees

Dear All

Kind attention is invited to divergent mode of impartiality regarding promotion, upgradation and regularization  of the non management employees of & equal to BPS-1 to BPS-15 comparative to BPS-16 & above as …….

Almost all the employees of BPS-16 & 17 (Non-Gazetted) have been promoted, upgraded, and regularized to their next higher post(s) vide Worthy G.M O.D PTCL HQs letter No.HR/Promotion/2010 dated 08-11-2010. Similarly Promotions & Regularization from B.Ms to SBMs & onward are also in exercise which are the gestures of good will. No doubt that all the incumbents of above referred posts had availed the opportunities of promotions etc during their service career previously also.

Dear PTCL Workers! : Write Your Views in “Comment Box” on Promotion Policy of Company and Why You Feel that You deserve for Promotions

On the other hand, large number of non management employees from BPS-1 to BPS-15, who have rendered more than 15 years regulars service in same Cadre, posted and working on the next higher positions for the last several year (due to non availability of substantive incumbents of that very posts) are yet deprived off from Promotion and Regularization, etc. in spite of the fact that these employees  could not avail a single chance of promotion of their next posts since their appointments and throughout their service.
Although, the PTCL HQs has been apprised that all non-management employees are working on their substantive original posts, but  the fact is that number of junior cadre employees are working on the higher posts intact for the last several years due to non availability of substantive incumbents of that very posts such as the cases, an E.S actually working ABM, a Stenotypist actually working as  Stenographer & P.A, a CSR working as Cable Tech, and a UDC  on the post of Assistant etc as per their channel of promotion.

It is, therefore, required that PTCL Esteemed Competent Authorities may kindly be requested  for compassionate view of the legitimate right of promotion, regularization etc at least for those non management employees (Regular, NCPG etc) who are actually working on the next higher posts as per their channel of promotion to meet the ends of justice as is the cases referred in para-2 above.


Imran Abbas



  1. AOA
    You all are right but til now no policy for NCPG employees for Promotion , Alla hamein in dallo se nijat dilayen our aik Govt our Imanadar Mnagement PTCL ko de. Ameen.

  2. SAAHER.SHAH says:

    Saaher Shah

    Reference Stenographer has drawn attention of Regulations Wing that since stoppage of move-over and selction grade in the year 2001, There left no room for the Stenographers and Stenotypists to move upward except on the avilability of a clear vacancy, which chances are very rare.

    He has referred upon the several decision of the Government whereby various posts have been placed in higher scales after dis-continuation of Move-over/selection grade scheme. These includes; Assistant/Head Clerk/Senior Auditors UDC/Senior Clerk, Junior Auditor/LDC Junior Clerk, District Accounts Officer, Assistant Accounts Officer, Senior Auditor/ Assistant Supervisor and Junior Auditor which have been moved to higher scales the only cadre left and have not been taken care of, are Stenographers and Stenotypists. He has also added that inspite of the facts that the Senate/National Assembly Secretariat, Supreme Court, Lahore High Court, Lahore and Islamabad High Court had up-graded these two nomenclatures in higher scales but in Federal Government has not considered these two posts.

    In view of the above facts, it would be injustice with the Stenographers and Stenotypists categories, if not brought equivalent to the scales of Senate/ National Assembly Secretariat, Supreme Court, Lahore High Court Lahore and Islamabad High Court. I feel this certainly a proper time to look into the matter and if could not be considered would load to an avoidable litigation where enough time of Regulations Wing will be un-necessary spent. It is hoped that this request would be considered on its merit and a judicious decision will

  3. Dear All workers of PTCL. I mostly and several times was made applications,appeals, Reminders for above noted subject to the higher authorities even President (CEO)but no responded because we are regular employee of T&T or PTC not we are employee of PTCL, so our main reason is it mat be and surely. Now I think it very sham full things and information to our new management that this is un justice with longer working period employee is unable to meet their right of promotion and not to right we are like for promotion being we are not appointed on contact or NTC. Kindly pray for reversion of this corrupt and danger management to returned their country and leave our department soon. The one my appeal sample as under for read to all of us just example.

    In relation to the subject captioned above I have the honor to submit as under:

    1. That I was appointed as Upper Division Clerk (BPS-7) in erstwhile Telephone & Telegraphs Department, Government of Pakistan (“erstwhile T&T”) in 1990 vide letter No:E-16/DET-SU/90 dated: 02.06.1990 .

    2. That as per policy of the erstwhile T&T the scale of UDC was upgraded from BPS-7 to BPS-11, benefiting me to work as UDC BPS-11 after completion of 14 years continues service.

    3. That on the sideline of my service I continued my education with the permission of competent authority of the PTCL, so I did my MBA from University of Sindh, Jamshoro in 2001-2002.

    4. That on passing MBA in Finance the Worthy General Manager STR-V Sukkur was pleased to promote me on officiating basis as Assistant Accounts Officer vide letter No:STR-V/GENL/AAO/950/2001-02/22 dated 13.08.2002 and I was posted at Revenue Office Khairpur Mirs’.

    5. That on account of having Master Degree in Business Administration I applied for the exemption from Accounts Services Examination for BPS-17. The competent authority was pleased to accede to my request exempting me from the said examination issued by Chief Engineer PTCL H/Q Islamabad with refrence to his letter No. T&D.10-1/2003 dated 07.05.2003.

    6. That in the course of my posting at Accounts Office Khairpur Mirs’ I was posted as Incharge Customer Service Center Nawabshah on deputation basis for the period of five years approximately.

    7. That on my meritorious performance and sheer hardworking I was selected as Assistant Manager, Multimedia & Broadband (MM&BB) Nawabshah in year 2008 (newly named as Shaheed Benazirabad). This resulted in the allotment of PTCL ID on the same post for using C.M.S, BNCC and e-mail official purpose.

    8. That it is also submitted that the above exemption was lavishly granted to every Tom, Dick and Harry of PTCL. As a result nearly more than 163 employees were benefited and got promotions on the bases of such exemption.

    9. That out of total beneficiary of the above exemption only 33 employees, including myself, are left behind to await. However, I respectfully refer to the letter/instructions, dated 10.02.2011, emailed by the PTCL Mananamgent issued by Manager Training (Foreign) Islamabad whereby the remaining 33 employees supra were directed to furnish their Personal Evaluation Report (PER), service particulars and educational certificates so that the process of their promotion in tune with the promotions of the similarly placed employees can be accelerated.

    10. That as a matter of record the said email was duly complied with in time and the documents called for were sent through Regional Office STR-V Sukkur.

    11. That it has been passed nearly 11 month since the compliance was made but no progress is visible. Neither the management makes promotion of the above said employees, including myself, nor reasons have been provided for causing this undue delay. Resultantly we are feeling discriminated because we also feel deprived of the same benefit granted to the other employees of the same category.

    12. That in view of the above the undersigned humbly requests you to kindly look into the matter and direct the authorities to concerned to expedite the promotions accordingly.

    Thanking you.

  4. Sameer Ahmed Khan says:

    yeh log jetney be officero ki hath paho per padey kissi ka promotion nahi huga , NOT ACCEPTED PROMOTION WITH OUT RESTORATION CBA UNION , Sadar union Zia sahib before show is performised only for non-gazzated B-16 B-17 ( partner percenty frinds ), .> NON-GAZZATED MAZDUR STAFF WAITING FROM LONG TIME 25 /20 YEARS FOR DEPARTMENTAL PROMOTION and with pay revised 2011 still ignored from managment with percenty union and Government ppp , Inshallah yeh dur bee badal ne wala hai ,na takht rahe ga na taj

  5. muhammad saleem says:

    muhammad saleem says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    January 26, 2012 at 7:50 PM
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    it is submitted that i was appointed as T/tech on regular basis on 27-01-1986.further more it is submitted that i have also succwssfully completed E.S-ii course in 1992-1993 sir, i have rendered 25 years un blamish service in the cadre of T/tech my qualification is F.S.C(pre -engineering) under the facts stated above it is humbly requested that i may very kindly be promoted as E.S as regular basis in the same analogy and grounds as per previous pratice adopted by your kind honour.hoping that my humble request will receive a kind &Sympathetic Consideration.
    Thanking You in anticipation
    yours obediently
    muhammad Saleem T/Tech ngn c5 operation centre cth building 1 Mcleod road lahore

  6. Ghulam Mustafa says:

    Why PTCL management stopped promotion of those employees who has done there graduation in the related field and also they have vast experience in this field, however before many of the employees promoted to the higher grades as per their degrees.
    now a days it is stopped, which is totally injustice with all those employees who has completed there graduation.

  7. muhammad saleem says:

    i was appointed as t/tech on 27- 1-1986 i obtained ES phone training 1992 to 1993 now still i am working as t/tech in cth building many t/tech has been promoted as Regular ES on departmental son quota on 1991 1992 kindly promote regular ES on regular basis

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