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Pak Telecom Employees Union (PTEU) CBA letter to PTCL SEVP (HR) dated: June 10, 2010 for implementation of anomalies and Up-Gradation

Pak Telecom Employees Union (PTEU) CBA letter to PTCL SEVP (HR) dated: June 10, 2010 for implementation of anomalies and Up-Gradation

(Text of Letter)

Ref. No. PTCL/CBA/issues

Dated: June 10, 2010

PTCL Headquarters

PTCL management is well aware of the fact that the Pakistan Telecom Employees Union (PTEU) has  already won referendum 2010 duly certified by the NIRC. I would like to bring in your kind notice that unfortunately, some elements in the management are not taking cognizance of the present situation and are denying very justified perks and privileges of the employees without any valid reason. As a result thereof, the employees are being de-motivated.
Ultimately, it will cost the company in the shape ofrevenue reduction.

2.  Employees are lifeline of bisiness. Managemet need to recognised that keeping the employees motivated and happy is the best way for a successful enterprise. After al without productive employees, the business will be affected in many negative ways. Indeed. it’s not always money that keeps employees happy. They need to feel important; that they are needed.

3.  This is an unfortunate that PTCL high management is least interested to look into the grievances of it.’Semployees. EmploYees are being deprived of their genuine and justified rights protected under law and standing company rules.

4.  We would like draw your attention towards following two major issues being faced by the PICL employees especially those posted in the Headquarter. Detail of such burning issues is as under:

Anomily in pay for different scales:
A case of PTCL Headquarters’ employees on this issue is pending with HR Department. There is a need to immediately take decision on the issue. It may be noted that many cases of identical nature· stood resolved by, the field regions but the competent administrators in the HR Department ofPTCL HQs are delaying this issue unnecessarily and without any solid reason causing lot of frustrations amongst affectee employees of HQs. We request an early settlement of this issue by allowing due benefit to the entitled employees.

It is submitted that the GoP vide No.F.6(4)R.I/2006 dated 29th June 2007 has upgraded clerical I Auditors posts w.e.f. Ist July 2007. PTCL  management has eventually up-gradation only few posts vide order dated 9th October 2009 with effect from 9th October 2009 ignoring Class IV staff (BPS-I to 4) and JACs / SACs. We hereby request that GoP’s
above said notification dated 29th June 2007 be implemented in true letter and spirit We have several precedents with us where GOvernment Departments have had extended this benefit to these cadres.

5.  It is also brought into your kind notice that present Medical Policy has numerous drawbacks. Management shall make revolutionary changes in this policy before it becomes the next rallying point of employees.

6.  We expect that management will take immediate action to resolve the issues highlighted herein above. It will definitely revive and boost the morale of employees.

(Hassan Muhammad Rana)
Secretary General

Head Office: E-13,P & T Colony, Multan Road, Lahore.

Tel & Fax: 042~7403344

Cell: 0333-4225333

E..mall: pteucba@yahoo.com

Sub Offices: Karachi,  Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Multan, Sukkur.

With Special Thanks to:

Saif ur Rehman

PA to General Manager
(Interconnect) / Business Dev
PTCL Headquarters
Cel: 0333-5189324
email: s.awan@yahoo.co.uk



  1. Good

  2. What are the chances of restoration of next channel of promotion policy after completion of 12 yaers service in a cadre which was stoped in 2008.
    What CBA is doing in this regard.

  3. well done rana hassan,keep ur efforts for suppressed employees of ptcl

  4. well done rana hassan

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