Pay and Pension Commision Report 2009-2010: Why so late?

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It is 1st April, 2010…. and Pay and Pension Commission report for year 2009-2010, which was awaiting long, still not published. Government of Pakistan is not interested to implement report. In June 2009 budget , Government announced that Pay and pension report will be implemented from January 1, 2010. and now it being told it will be implemented from July 2010. Public sector employees of Pakistan are in great turmoil of inflation. Power of purchase is decreasing day by day.

How you suggest for Government of Pakistan. Comment to this situation please.
Please send us news about this if u have?



  1. we actually lack in conveying our message rightly to government….about our apprehensions regarding the lateness of pay and pension commission report…
    I think govt employ should be more actively protest on this issue….one more thing….i have noticed that media is not taking any action on this issue b/s they could not earn direct benefit from it and i have also noticed the selfishness of Judges of supreme court who doesn’t say any any thing about the salaries of remaining govt institutions…rather they are joying on their new salaries….

  2. We all Govt Employee are waiting for good news, i just read the news mentioned above at website link. But i think it is not possible for Govt to increase salary of employees at the rate of inflation. Promise for increase of salary may be fulfilled because Pen and Pencil Commission handed over the recommendation to Govt on 31st Mar 2010. now its Govt responsibility to announce it. Our Finance (Fool) ministry which is making everyone fool is preparing report in the light of PPC (Sun) recommendation for final approval.
    Best of luck for Public Sector Employees

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