Pay and Pension Commission proposed 50 percent increase in Pays of Govt. Employees

Pay and Pension Commission has proposed 50 % (percent ) increase in Pays of Govt. Employees in a report submitted to Finance Adviser to Prime  Minister of Government of Pakistan. In earlier reports It was expected the increase should be  85 % . Poor employees of Public Sectors feel serious concern about this report. Workers has demanded that, It should be minimum 100 % increase in Basic Pay according to the increase in Prices of  commodities .
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  1. easy commission says:

    Keep giving post like this

  2. “Khuda Kare esa hi ho”. I am very glad to see these kinds of proposed increase in pay and pension of govt. employees. Yes it must be 100% increase in basic pay and allowances as increase in prices of daily commodities. Through this kind of increase of pays of salaried persons will help them to facilitate their selves and live like other middle class society.

  3. Syed Lakht-e-Hassnain says:

    absolutely right…it must be minimum 100% increase in basic pay according to the daily increase in commodities and petrol. otherwise, survival is very very difficult for limited saleried persons. think seriously on this issue please. thanks

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