Pay Raise 15 Percent for Grade 1 to 16 – Employees Budget News 2011-12 – Daily Jang May 27, 2011

Karachi (Thursday, May 28, 2011) – Pay Raise 15 Percent for Grade 1 to 16 – No Increase for Officers from grade 17 and above. Employees Budget News 2011-12 – Daily Jang May 27, 2011.

Pay Raise 15 Percent for Grade 1 to 16 - Employees Budget News 2011-12 - Daily Jang May 27, 2011



  1. Salih Muhammad Mohmand says:

    The increasing in the pay of Govt servant is sufficient subject to the condition that the Market price controlled.

  2. PTCL Workers k ley ek ur Kerbla aaney waley hey.
    Apaney ASGHERS stand by ker loo.
    Banka Lahorea

  3. Tahir Afzaal says:

    Govt. 15pc ad-hoc Increase
    20 pc ad-hoc merg in basic
    House Rent Increase
    Convencey Allow Increase
    Medical allowace


  4. manzoor ali says:

    very hard time for govt emploees look at daily inflation rate then must be 50% of basic salary.
    Government should look at high attractive and salarized packaged departments i-e PIA ,pak steel and railway and all other deparments those can not earn single penny but look at their facilities yearly billions of ruppees spending on just facilities other than salary. most of benificries are higher cattegries BPS.17-22. what kind rule it is your department is getting bail out programme from govt.On the other hand you are spending lots of money only on facilities.If some one is not earning than he dont have right to get extra benifits other than salary.

  5. akbar ali says:

    1 sa 16 grade ka tamam employee ki salary increas honi chahiya kew mahgai bohat bar gayi ha awam ki zandagi guzarna bohat mushkal ho gai ha ag kisi bi countary ka logo ki per capital income zada ho jawa wo countary developed countary ma shamil ho jati ha ya employeed asset ha is countary ka agar ya log kam nahi kara ga to countary development kasa ka ragi is countary pakistan ka politation ko sochana chahiya

  6. There is hardly a 2 or 3 thousand difference between 16 and and 17. Ridiculous threshold. Their skull is full of filth.

  7. The government should raise salaries of employees at par with the ratio of price hike. It would be selfish to demand salary hike in these days but its the need of the time. We all are pakistanis and will stand for Pakistan at any time and stage against whosoever tries to ruine our homeland either india or america. our leaders should dare to move forward we would stand unite.


  8. I think that if all adhoc allowances are merged into basic pay and then 15% increase be made on basic pay, then its okay. If only 15% increase will be made in Basic Pay then it is really ridiculous and of no good use.

  9. Muhammad Siddique says:

    I welcome 15 Percent salary increase for Grade 1 to 16 – Employees Budget News 2011-12. I think it’s compulsary to increase the salary of the Employees in present Budget. Its not a sufficient but satisfactory.

  10. Ridiculous! There should be atleast 100% increase in the pay of Grade 1 to 16. And 50% increase for grade 17 and above.

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