Payment of Bonus to PTCL Employees for the Year 2010

Payment of Bonus to PTCL Employees for the Year 2010:

The PTCL management has decided to grant Bonus to all the Regular, NCPG, and NTC employees on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr as per the following details:

Employee Category Bonus Amount

Employees in Grade 1-19 or equivalent (including PTCL D/Wages)

1 Basic Pay subject to

– Min. Rs. 8,000

– Max. Rs. 16,000

GMs or equivalent Rs. 25,000

EVPs / SEVPs Rs. 30,000

Other Conditions:

1. Only those employees will be eligible for bonus:

i. Who are in PTCL service on the date of issuance of this notification.

ii. Who have at least performed duty for 90 days during the year 2009-10.

iii. The payment will, however, be made prorate to the period of working

during 2009-2010 if fulfilling the condition at i and ii above

2. Employees undergoing any disciplinary proceedings against them will not be entitled for bonus.

3. Any person found involved in any illegal activity damaging company’s

reputation shall not be eligible for this bonus.

4. Any clarification regarding this process on case to case basis will be decided by the SEVP (HR).

Best regards,

(Shahzad Safdar Khan)


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