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Pension and Pensioners Column by Prof Syed Israr Bukhari (Nawaiwaqt 29-5-2011)

Pension and Pensioners Article (Column) written by Prof Syed Israr Bukhari in the title of “Nairang – e -Khiyal” in Nawaiwaqt on 29-5-2011.

Pension and Pensioners Article by Prof Syed Israr Bukhari (Nawaiwaqt 29-5-2011)

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  1. What a analysis professor sahib. That should have been realized by those representatives of public sitting in parliament. But then how the change like Libya,Egypt will occur. They are waiting for the day when common man will through them out and the things will be out of control.

  2. Mirza Riaz Baig

    THis column is of genral type.Not for PTCL pensioners.So no matter of joy

  3. Mirza Riaz Baig

    This column is for all pensioners generaly.Unfortunatly case of PTCL pensioners is quite separate.PTCL is not considering as govt servent.Hence no need to be happy.

  4. Muhammad Tauqeer

    The comments about PTCL pensioners have been forwarded to Prof.Syed Asrar Bukhari alongwith details about privatisation process and current status of P&T,T&T,PTC and PTCL pensioners.

  5. My Dear Professor Israr Bukharti Saheb

    You are one of the Journalists who sketch the map of reality, actually you are great journalist I appreciate you & agreed with your views & pray almighty ALLAH further strong your PEN for writing aggrieved & poor nation world wide.

    One more thing about the pensioners of PTCL you know GOP announced in budget 2010-11 raised pension but not implement by the ETISALAT management of PTCL.

    PTECL pensioners continue agitation, individually & collectively through their concern forum but all the institution in Pakistan GOP as well as Judiciary help less to call explanation of ETISLAT for doing unlawful activities in connection of increase pension for pensioner as per percentage of announcement.

    We hope by the print media persuade the matter of PTCL pensioners & grip the ETISALAT management of PTCL holding only 26% share in PTCL & ruling superstation as ruler, not obey the orders of Judiciary & GOP.

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