Pension increased by PTET From 2004 to 2010

Pension Increased by Pakistan Telecommunication Employees Trust (PTET) to PTCL Pensioners

Lahore (Friday, March 11, 2016) – Above chart of payment of pension by the Trust shows that there were in all two categories of employees to whom the pension was being paid by the Trust;

(1) who retired before 01.01.1996 and

(2) who retired after 01.01.1996.

The following chart makes It clear that those who had retired before 01.01.1996 are being paid pension as per the Increase announced by the Government of Pakistan while those who had retired after 01.01.1996 being paid pension according to the rate fixed by the Trust. The payment of pension by the Trust until 2009 appears to be consistent with the rate and entitlement of the employees of erstwhile T&T Department as has been amplified from the provisions of the Act of 1991 and the Act of 1996 read with Para 2 of the Trust Deed of 2nd April, 1994, which term was not varied or altered In creation of the Trust rather the same was kept Intact.

Pension increased be PTCL from 2004 to 2010

Pension increased be PTCL from 2004 to 2010

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