Pensioners Protest in Sukkur & Letter to Editor Jang (October 3, 2010): PTCL slated for not increasing pension

Pensioners Protest in Sukkur & Letter to Editor Jang (October 3, 2010): PTCL slated for not increasing pension:

Hundreds of retired employees of the Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL) held a demonstration outside the press club here on Friday to protest against the company management for refusing to raise their pension.
The retired employees were carrying banners and placards and shouting slogans against the PTCL management.

Pentioners of PTCL - Letter to Editor from Muhammad Zaman Khan Karachi - Jang 3-10-2010

Talking to the media, Mohammad Aslam Bhutto, Nawaz Bhutto and other protesters said that that the government in the budget had announced a raise in pension by 15 to 20 per cent and all the pensioners were receiving increased pension since July 1.
However, they said, the PTCL management was reluctant to raise the pension of its retired employees. They said that Pakistan Railways was running in deficit but even then its retired employees were getting increased pension.
They said that earlier the PTCL management was not ready to give 50 per cent raise in the salaries to its employees but after a month-long strike, it had approved 30 per cent raise.
They appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan, president, prime minister and other concerned quarters to take notice and order the PTCL management to increase pension of its retired employees. They warned of widespread protests if the PTCL management failed to raise the pension.


  1. Muhammad Tauqeer says:

    The PTCL pensioners held a demonstration at Press Club Lahore demanding for pension increase and Medical allowance telecast at BUSINESS PLUS TV.on 06-10-2010

  2. RES/Pensioners Brothers
    ALLAH help u . U r very Helpless
    But allahah is our &ur helper
    faith on allah ALLAH DEFEET THIS SAMRAJ


  3. rana istikhar khan(ctr) says:

    shamefull attitude of ptcl management with ptcl pensioners.

  4. Iftikhar Ahmad says:

    کیا آپ پنشنر کو بھول ګۓ

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