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Photo Copies of Letters: Supreme Court, PTET & PTCL in Response to PTCL Pensioner Mr. Riaz Jafar

Photo Copies of Letters: Supreme Court, PTET & PTCL in Response to PTCL Pensioner Mr. Riaz Jafar

Report of PTET and PTCL in Supreme Court in reply of PTCL Pensioner Riaz Jafar
Report of PTET and PTCL in Supreme Court in reply of PTCL Pensioner Riaz Jafar

Supreme Court of Pakistan Letter to PTCL Pensioner Mr. Riaz Jafar
Supreme Court of Pakistan Letter to PTCL Pensioner Mr. Riaz Jafar

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  1. allha apko iska gaja de ga gab hum log case jeet jaye ge to aur hum log ko arear mem jae ga to bahat kushe hoge.


    A review of the minutes of 53rd PTET Board meeting clearly shows that decision taken has not been passed with the majority vote. PTCL Trustees dictate terms with their own interpretation in respect of Transferred Employees retired from PTCL by ignoring their legal position thus Board of Trustees created discrimination by establishing categories among Pensioners retired from T&T/PTC and PTCL whereas all are appointed under the same terms and conditions which can not be alter to their disadvantage under sub section 2 of section 35 of Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act.1996 therefore putting Transferred employees in different categories for the purpose of Pensionary benefits is nothing but to derive

    benefits of investment from Pension Fund to their own ulterior motives as arbitrary decision with regard to pension enhancement is not in accordance with the Federal Government Notification of 5th July,2010.

    PTET has implemented decision of increased pension after lapse of more than 7 months, neither amount of pension has been paid as per Notification nor interest accrued on Pension amount for the delay period has been paid to the beneficiaries which amount to breach of guaranteed pensionary benefits provided to the beneficiaries by the Federal Government under section 36 of the Act.1996.

    Under Section 35 of Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act.1996 PTCL assumes rights and liabilities to which Corporation was entitled and employees of corporation entitled for pension which has been guaranteed by Federal Government, and in pursuant to sub section 2 of section 45 of Act.1996, their pension contribution to be paid by the Company at the commencement of financial year PTCL retained amount of current pension liabilities sine July,2010 and PTET issued order for payment of enhanced Pension to the beneficiaries in February,2011. The increase in pension in the Years 2011 allowed 20% and 8% without Medical Allowance in two categories and allowed unjustified 75% Family Pension up to December,1995 instead of December,2000 as a result thereof PTET and PTCL has committed breach of Contract in respect of Federal Government’s guaranteed Pensionary benefits protected under Section 36 of Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act.1996 of the Transferred Employees

    The Board of Trustees of PTET consisting of Six Trustees, three belongs to Federal Government and three of the Company (PTCL) and in the absence of representation of beneficiaries guaranteed pensionary benefits are being manipulated in the Board Meeting which defeat the provision of “beneficial interest” as mentioned under sub section 2 of Section 52 of Telecommunication employees, appointed as Government Servants and their services transferred from T&T/PTC to PTCL under the same terms and conditions.

  3. My dear sweet Pensioners, A.S.A.

    I written six letters to the Hon’able Chief Justice of Pakistan, but not a single reply has so far been received to me as yet, for which it is quite essential to approah the Supreme Court of Pakistan, but no one given possitive reply as yet. Anyhow I excuse/Sorry eery one and now I will silent and not come in picture in future causing Officers group not like me and they do’not like to stay with me. Thanks every one how support me in this cause because this is not my single matter every pensioner interest involved in it.

  4. seven months ,PTET members watch the intrest of ptcl UAE group or ptcl retired empolies.

  5. After seven months ,PTET members watch the intrest of ptcl UAE group or ptcl retired empolies.

  6. Dear All PTCL Pensioners


    A notification has been issued by the Director of PTET regarding pension
    increased on the following rates on 28-1-2011.

    Pensioners retired before 1996 20% increase

    Pensioners retired after 1996 8%

    The effective date is 01-07-2010

    Letter has been issued to the all Post Offices for increase in pension.

    MJ Qureshi

  7. Dear Pensioners


    Any news or latest development for pension increase during the month of Feb, 2011

  8. irshad muhammad khan


  9. Dear Riaz,
    AOA,would you like to tell us about the result of your second application to the honorable Superime court,in the result of non compliance of the orders of SC by the Ptet,waiting for your reply please.regards

    God help us.

  10. javed iqbal from d i khan

    dear coligues

    i carefully read the coments of all coligues and appriciate the efforts. one roomer i listen that increase of pension will only be granted to those pensioner who completed 60 years(sources). if this is true then it is very alarming situation for vss optees. it is my suggession that newly president supreme court bar council aasma jehangeer and aitazaz ahassn taken into the confidence and rawalpindi/islamabad colligues delegation may met with them for help and also define the difference in between vss and golden handshake.in vss all pensionry benefits are applicable and on the other hand golden handshake pensioners are not allowed the pension.

  11. what is the outcome up till now ?. can I be apprised please

  12. javed iqbal from d i khan

    my dear riaz jaffer sb,

    public ie pensioners are appriciating from dikhan for your efforts.
    but waiting for fresh updates thanks.

  13. Hafiz Moeenuddin Haripur

    Thanks for publishing the supreme court letter. PTCL Pensioners are facing great difficulties and wants early payment of increased pension and medical allowance.

  14. It is surprising that there is no voice from the city of Prime Minister i.e Multan.Our demand is from the Government of Pakistan and not from Etisalat or PTCL.Some pensioners should come out from Multan and arrange meeting there.

  15. @ Riaz Jafar

    Can you please give details of your case.

    Was it related to the increase in pension announced from July 2010 or it was some individual case?

    We want to know the decision of supreme court will benefit you only or all the pensioners??

    Will appreciate if you can shed some light and give details.

    Thanks in advance

  16. Hoping for good news

  17. thanks for strugles of Mr.Riaz Jabar Hoping for good news

  18. Thank you all.

  19. assalam-o-alakum
    i pray for early payment and apprciate efforts of mr riaz jafar
    also mr tahir iqbal for quick information
    warm regards

    arif hussain khan

  20. A O A

    Thank you for posting of both the letters on the website.

    Best Wishes

    Taj Muhammad

  21. AoA.
    Thanks to Mr. Riaz Jafar for taking lead in initiating the case of increase of pension at supreme Court of Pakistan.We will succeed if united.Most of the appeals are being forwarded to supreme Court of Pakistan by our colleagues. The response/comments of supreme Court of Pakistan for the PTCL retired employees is flowing of cool fresh air in hot & humid weather.ALLAH bless supreme Court of Pakistan & its Chief Justice for taking action for well being of the poors/old ones.

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