PML(N) supports PTCL Workers : Peshawar, Kuram Agency, Buner and Sakhakot Workers Strike News : Daily Azadi Swat 30-08-2010.

PMLN supports PTCL Workers : Peshawar, Kuram Agency, Buner and Sakhakot Workers Strike News : Daily Azadi Swat 30-08-2010.

Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Leader of Kuram Agency Saeed ullah Jaan Laisani has fully supported the rights of PTCL Workers. He stressed upon PTCL Management to resolve the issues with workers. In Buner and Sakhakot PTCL Employees continue their strike against the management and demanded pay raise as soon as possible. a protest was held headed by Behr Karam, Sher Hassan, Saif ul Rehman and amin Gul in Sakha Kot.

Buner - PTCL workers Strike continue - Azadi Swat 30-08-2010

Peshawar - PMLN Kuram Agency support PTCL Workers - Azadi Swat 30-08-2010

Sakhakot - PTCL Strike and protest - Azadi Swat 30-08-2010


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    Mahzar Hussain Choor ko nekala jai”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””
    The management reaffirms its commitment to uphold the best interest and welfare of its employees. In continuation to our circular dated 11th August 2010, we are pleased to announce following revisions in the salary increase of employees:

    1. For the sake of uniformity, 50% of Initial Basic Pay is converted to 30% of Running Basic Pay for all non management regular and NCPG employees effective from 1st July 2010.

    2. As committed in our circular dated 11th August, 2010, additional 20% of running Basic pay is also approved which will be allowed on the basis of the evaluation report of the employees for December 2010 and June 2011 in terms of good conduct, punctuality and discharge of basic duties. This allowance will also be paid with retrospective effect from 1st July 2010 and will be applicable to all regular and NCPG employees.

    This is an illustration of the management’s care and concern towards the prosperity and well being of its employees. Now we urge upon all the employees to demonstrate their loyalty to the company, work hard and bring good results so that we can continue to extend more opportunities to all our employees. It is hoped that the employees would reciprocate this gracious initiative of the management and will not be part of any illegal activity.

    Best Regards


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