Police Raid at PTCL H/Q Islamabad, Arrest of Unions Leaders and Workers, Firing ……

Police Raid at PTCL H/Q Islamabad, Arrest of Unions Leaders and Workers, Firing ……

News coming from Islamabad that police has raid on PTCL Workers Dharna Spot in PTCL Head Quarter Islamabad and has arrested almost 100 workers including Malik Maqbool Hussain, Hassan Muhammad Rana and Ammad ul Hassan. News are still coming……


  1. I stricly condem the crual attitude of ptcl managment toward their employees, as they struggling for achivement of their legitimate rights, the attitude of ptcl mangment is voilation of human rights as well as the islami sharia which give orders to the emloyer to pay the wages to the workers before drying their sweat

  2. Ptcl management yeh theek nahi ker rehi unhain apney workers key sath aisa nahi kerna chahiy!

  3. Iftikhar Ahmad says:

    Since Etisalat not yet paid full 26% share, so legally they are not entitled to get management of PTCL.

    Comments on this point welcome.!!

  4. As far as the silence of the govt is concerned ……. the chief Justice has the answer because people say that some ill famed pakistani have got those 26 per cent shares in the name of the foreign company.

  5. aap kia garnti dete hoo k etisalat december or jun main 20 percennt de ga wo bhi error ki sath , es se pehle bhi etisalat ne bhut waide ki lakin aik bhi waida pora nahe kia

    or janab aap ko kis ne keh dia k etisalat agee ja kar 20 percent de ga , etisalat ne esa koi writeen main nahe dia k december main itna doon with error k or jun main doon itne percent with error

  6. پی ٹی سی ایل ورکرزالائنس کے درجنو ں کارکن گرفتار
    اسلام آباد: پولیس نے پی ٹی سی ایل ہیڈکوارٹر اسلام آباد میں مطالبات کیلئے دھرنا دینے والے ورکرز الائنس کے درجنوں کارکنوں کو گرفتار کرلیا۔ جمعے کی رات افطار کے بعد اسلام آباد پولیس نے پی ٹی سی ایل ہیڈ کوارٹر میں چھاپہ مارا اور دھرنا دینے والے ورکرز الائنس کے کئی کارکنوں کو گرفتار کرلیا۔ جس کے بعد ورکرز الائنس کے کارکنوں نے اکٹھے ہوکر مظاہرہ کیا اور پولیس پر پتھراوٴ شروع کردیا۔ جس کے بعد پولیس نے مظاہرین کو منتشر کرنے کیلئے آنسو گیس کے شیل پھینکے اور ہوائی فائرنگ کی۔

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  7. PTCL Insider says:

    Such attitude is sad and not understandable.

    The workers demand is 50% raise. From news heard that PTCL management accepted the demand.

    Now only issue is time schedule of payment. PTCL is paying 30% immediately and agreed to pay 10% in December and 10% in next July with arrears on condition of doing normal duties (Which surely the 100% workers do)

    Now when there is no difference on raise i.e. 50% of running basic, but only schedule of payment, then it is really sad that both parties are showning un-necessary inflexibility and continuation of dispute which will only result in customer churn. A permanent of loss to Etisalat the 26% shareholder (paid for only 16% so far), the Public 10% shareholder, the Government the major shareholder, and the employees who earn bread from the customers.

    It see that:
    Etisalat MANAGEMENT is ready to pay 50% but being un-necessary rigid on installment payment schedule. Why they are displaying immature non-professional behavior and instead of winnign hearts of workers losing valuable customers every day. My Question: Etisalat! do you want to use this self created situation as a reason for non-payment of remaining installments or your pull out strategy. You have shown an utter failure to run a huge company like PTCL in challanging environment.

    Union is being un-necessary rigid too. O’ workers why don’t you show sensible attitude and accept the offered formula. You have always to option to go on strike again if management backs out of offer in Decemeber (only 3 months away)? Surely if you lose customers, your company will be destitute and you too will starve.

    The silence of Goverment the major stake holder is really surprising? No comments.

  8. Waleed Irshad (PTCL President) says:

    Good work police, my dsl and fone is dead since last 20 days due to these bustards, give them a good lesson .. Ha HA HA

  9. PTEU call his centeral executive committee meeting today on this occusion … any news from them…?

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