Privatisation Commission clarification on “PTCL-Etisalat Dispute”

Privatisation Commission clarification on “PTCL-Etisalat Dispute”
ISLAMABAD  (February 03, 2011) : Referring to a news report appeared in daily, Business Recorder on February 1, 2011 titled, “Dispute with Etisalat-Cabinet Directs Immediate Steps for Resolution”.
A spokesman of the Privatisation Commission Tahir Parwaz while clarifying the news report said that the Sub Committee constituted by the Cabinet for resolving the issues of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) among others the issue of PTCL real estate held its meetings on September 28 and 30, 2010, respectively but some of the members of the Committee could not take part in these meetings due to their various parallel engagements.
Another meeting of the sub committee is being convened shortly while ensuring the availability of all the respective members to amicably settle PTCL land issue and to get the stalled instalments of the remaining proceeds on account of PTCL privatisation.
Mushtaq Ghumman adds: Privatisation Commission does not deny the content of the BR story, which is based on the minutes of the federal cabinet. Prime Minister had given the task to the committee to resolve the dispute between PTCL and M/s Etisalat, which has not yet been accomplished and the Commission did nothing to resolve the dispute in the previous calendar year.

(Published in “Business Recorder” on February 3, 2011)


  1. the dispute about ptcl land/property rights transfer to etisalat. it is blunder fraud in ptcl. the ptcl have thier property in trillions rupees. but our govt (zardari) wanted to gave them only in 10 arabs. the property of ptcl only in lahore and only one building of CTO OPPOSITE GPO is having grater value than 10 arabs. our free courts are sleeping on that blunder fraud and on the ptcl employees issues (terminations,dismissals,removal from service,show causes and charge sheets) with out any eligation.please wake-up and save the national assets of pakistan.

  2. They are simply waisting their time. Instead of conducting such meetings they shold decide whether the interest of the people Pakistan comes first or “Brotherly relation with UAE” is important.

  3. PTCL management is mafia belongs to geelanee.which will hand over stat property to Etisalat chief justice also did not took any notice about workers of PTCL.

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