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Privatization – Poison or Nectar

Privatization – Poison or Nectar (Written By Shahzad Saleem)

Lahore (Friday, March 21, 2014) – Today news published in daily express tribune describes that “Government set to sell shares of OGDCL, PPL and UBL”.  Federal government is planning to privatized almost 31 National departments or organizations.

Privatization - A Poison or Nectar
Privatization – A Poison or Nectar

Privatization if PIA and Steel Mills Karachi is on the top of the list due to their huge deficits. What will the outcome of this new plans of Privatisation?

Can government has analyzed the previous privatized organization like PTCL and KESC? How it will help in improving our economy? This is very important question of the day.

Today in Daily Mr. Shehzad Saleem has written an article on this issue.  Please read it and write comment bellow:-

Privatization - Poison or antidote
Privatization – Poison or antidote

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  1. Privatelization is not bad, But when the investers aims are not good then privatelizaiton is very dangress. In Pakistan every one can buy easily. for example Naeem Bukhari PTCL Laywer and Eitaza Ehsan PTCL Laywer are buying High court juddges only for taking long commission. In PTCL Etasate is creating more and more problem for pakistan. we cannot suceed in investment/Privatelization in Pakistan when we higher etesalt type (Bad Reputed) Paties

  2. Privatisation is not bad but the way it is done is bad.

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