Promotion/up-gradation of BPS 16 Gazetted and BPS 17 Non Gazetted Regular employees in Gazetted BPS-17

Promotion/up-gradation of BPS 16 Gazetted and BPS 17 Non Gazetted Regular employees in Gazetted BPS-17 :




(Text of Circular issued by PTCL Management on November 8, 2010)

No. HR/Promotion/2010 Dated: November 8th, 2010

Inter-Office Memo

Subject: Promotion/ up-gradation of Management / Non Management (BPS 16) and BPS 17 Non Gazetted Regular employees

PTCL management has always been mindful of providing its human capital asset with an enabling environment that can help in their career development and growth opportunities. This is specially focused to create an appropriate level of motivation among employees to make them more responsible and ambitious towards achieving the organizational objectives.

In line with this concept, PTCL Management has decided to promote all Management / Non-Management staff of BPS-16 to grade 17 and all non management staff working in BPS 17 by virtue of their up-gradation on regular basis subject to the fulfillment of following conditions:

1. This is a one-time exercise only and will not be quoted for any future reference.

2. Promoted employees under the above arrangement will be assigned new designation mentioned in Annexure-A, which is integral part of this letter.

3. With a view to facilitate the employees, total of Basic Pay and Incentive Pay will be protected and the difference in this total shall be given as “Personal Pay”.

4. The allowances and benefits of these employees shall be replaced with the allowances and benefits of Management employees in accordance with Company rules and regulations / policy guidelines issued from time to time.

5. New designations will be assigned as per Annexure A. However, the job descriptions of these designations will be issued later on.

6. All concerned HR heads will issue the individual posting orders.

7. Any other clarification regarding this process on case to case basis will be decided by the SEVP (HR).


(Shahzad Safdar Khan)

GM (OD – Support)


Annexure A

The existing BPS-17 Non-gazetted, BPS-16 Gazetted and Non-Gazetted employees will be converted to
new designations as per the following table:

Existing Designation                          New Designation

ASSISTANT                                                       ADMINISTRATION OFFICER
BUILDING OVERSEAR                                 TECHNICAL OFFICER (Civil)
DRAFTSMAN                                                    TECHNICAL OFFICER (Civil)
ENGINEER SUPERVISOR                            TECHNICAL OFFICER (Engg.)
HEAD DRAFTSMAN                                      TECHNICAL OFFICER (Civil)
INCHARGE (HR CELL)                                 TECHNICAL OFFICER (IT)
IT PROFESSIONAL                                        TECHNICAL OFFICER (IT)
KEY PUNCH OPERATOR                             TECHNICAL OFFICER (IT)
PRIVATE SECRETARY                                EXECUTIVE SECRETARY
PROTOCOL OFFICER                                   ADMINISTRATION OFFICER (Protocol)
STENOGRAPHER                                           ADMINISTRATION OFFICER



An official working on ay higher position by virtue of additional charge or OPS basis will continue to work on same position on regular basis provided his fresh transfer is not decided by competent authority.


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  1. Assistant Programmer, Data Processing Executive, IT Professional, Key Punch Operator etc are IT related jobs.
    Similarly, Building Overseer, Draftsman, Head Draftsman, and In-charge HR Cell are not technical posts.
    The new designation should be according to their channel of promotion in their own cadres. For example, for technical cadre T/Tech  ESEngineer S.ESM etc.
    What is the difference now among the employees who have qualified the promotional examination for BPS 17 and who have not?
    If exam is not a requirement for BPS 17, then why the management is conducting Pre-Promotion NTS Test for BPS-17 on November 13, 2010?
    What will be the next channel of promotion of all types of “technical Officers”?
    What is the purpose of seniority list?
    If specific qualification is not required for a specific job at specific level, then please appoint all the prostitutes of Pakistan in PTCL on all the posts from lineman to chairman.

  2. This notification is a first step of Management to convert the government servants in to company culture as per provision of section 35 and 36 of re-organization Act 1996 (Telecom Act 1996).

  3. I am afraid the notification appears to be inconsistent with reason or logic or common sense as it lacks basic ingredients of administrative rules and regulations. Wishing best of luck to those benefited “apparently”.

  4. Rashid Siddiqi says:

    PTCL management is fully keen to avert the rights of employees, in some how like such notifications without extra remunerations is the milestone for the development of employees. Days are not far when all non-gazetted employees to bear such absurd promotions.

  5. tanveer chaudhary says:

    Oh my God: I think Shahzad Safdar did not know the difference between the cadres. Although he is appointed as GM (OD) means Organizational Development. A good thing which management is going to do impact adverse due to his negligence and non awareness about the organization and its designations. The Accounts Officers are already re-designated as Assistant Managers and now SAC are re designated as Accounts Officers what the hell is this. KPO to Assistant Programmer are re-designated as Technical Officers, what a bull shit it is.

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