Proposal of Adhoc Relief for Government Employees in Next Budget 2012-13

Adhoc Relief 20-25 Percent for Government Employees in Next Budget Proposed:

Islamabad (February 23, 2012) – Government of Pakistan is considering various options to provide financial relief for Civil Servants of Pakistan. Adhoc relief of 20 to 25 percent is one of them.

(Published in Daily Nawaiwaqt Islamabad on 24-02-2012)

Adhoc Relief 20% to 25 % for Government Employees in Next Fiscal Budget 2012-2013 Proposed




  1. Prim Minsiter
    Gillani and finance minister Pak.
    All pensioners are waiting for comming budget 2012-2013. Govt increase the salary for all empoyees up to 50% with in the last nine years. but pension increase just 15-20 %. this is unjustified. please increase the pension for all retired personnel up 100%. then this budget will be name of pensioners. all pensioners will be pray your next success.

  2. I am requesting to the Honourable finance minister of Pakistan for the increase 100% in pension for the old and new pensioners because owing to highest inflation in country and oblige.

  3. mariabegum says:

    prof bilal……… donot write word prof with your name because you are begging by the rulers by saying the word please….
    donot be a beggar be a professor

  4. Deyar Sir says:

    qasid ke scall Revize hoove the feb ko later aya tha fadral bood me akhbar me add nahe aye

  5. WAQAR ABBASI says:

    yaaar jatay jatay 100 % salaries increase kar dain.inshallah votes app ko hi milay hee

  6. Bout afsooz wali bat hai ke am UDC u ko 16 saal jarai hain abi tak amein 12 saal wali next higer scale nahi dia jaraha hai, Akhir kia waja hai. UDC u mein koch logh 11 Scale mein hai aur koch 9 scale mai hai,ap muje batain ye gher kanooni nahin hai. mein PTCL Intezamia se apeel karta hun ke merbani karen jo UDCs 9 Grade mein hai us ko jaldi 11 scale main laya jae. SHUKRIA

  7. I feel shame to request the higher ups for my upgradation as I joined the government job in 1984 in BPS-12 and am still in the same scale after completition of 27 years. Now I submitted an appeal for uprgadation to the next higher scale i.e. BPS-15, as my LPR is started from 1st April 2012 and on 31st March 2013, I will be no more Govt. Servant. So is there any body who think & sympathetically consider my genuine request.

  8. To- The Honorable
    All pay & pension committee/team members,

    Subject:- Request for Equaling basic scales designation vise in all Govt departments.
    PPP Govt always better provided facilities’ to employees.

    It is requested that previous Govt was stopped move over of all Govt Employees BPS No.01 to 15 but some departments employees were great protest against this said step. Therefore, Govt increased basic scale only for those department employees. Under mentioned chart as example CDA,APCA, etc.

    Designation Previous BPS Current BPS
    LDC 05 07
    Head Clerk 09 14

    Whereas, other departments employees specially technical staff are great facing/ feeling this difference /injustice.

    Forgoing in view, please equal Basic Scales designation vise for all Govt departments Employees. so that, employees can feel justice. It will most effect then to increase of pay.

  9. It is requested that house rent allowance may be given at the rate of 45% of running basic pay scales of 2011. Conveyance Alloowance at the rate of 30% of running basic pay scales of 2011. Or all the government employees should be given flat rate of house rent whether he own private hiring or getting house rent allowance.

  10. abdul Ghani says:

    it is requested to prime minister and finance minister plz govt vehicles must be given concerned officials and their pol limit must be cancelled .per month amount for pol is fixed in budget by doing this a huge amount can be saved which is used for repair of govt vehicles and pol ruthlesly.According my opinion amount which is being used to repair and pol for vehices, we could purchase a new vehicle plz consider it in 2013 budget. Increase salary 100% and house Rent 60% and for Grade 17 to22 pol price should be 20000 to 60000

  11. Plz Increase 50 percent pay as it is 2 expensive era

  12. please revise the hill(northern areas) allowance to army soldiers they perform the duty in temperature -26 degree centigrade(siachen glassier)

  13. SUBHAN ULLAH says:

    It is requested that adhoc relief of 2010 and 2011 may please be merged in basic pay and utility allowance may also be sanctioned. It is further requested that HRA Med Allowance and Conveyance Allowance may also be increased keeping in view the market prices.
    Thanks a lot.

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