Proposed Govt Employees Housing Monetization Policy in Budget 2012-2013

Government Proposal of Employees Housing Monetization Policy in Budget 2012-2013

Islamabad (February 26, 2012) Federal Government is planning to implement “Housing Monetization Policy” for Public Servants/Govt. Employees. This policy will be announced in upcoming annual fiscal budget 2012-13.

New Housing Monetization policy was recommended in Pay and Pension Commission Report of Dr. ISHRAT HUSSAIN of year 2009.

Housing Monetization Policy likely to implement for Govt Employees in Next Budget 2012-13 (Published in Daily Express Lahore on 27-02-2012)


  1. It is really appreciated that if 500% increase offered in house rents to govt employees according THE NEWS.It will help the employees to vacate govt residents by their on will.GOVT will successfully implement its monetization policy.

  2. Malik ATTA says:

    the decisions of government according to the budget limitation greatly affect the life style and working motivation of the employees who are rendering their services for the survival of other family members justice and equal opportunity of promotion and enhancement of their calibre through more education because of incentives not only reduce the social disparity but also improve the economy of the country .

  3. to- The Honorable
    All pay & pension committee/team members,

    Subject:- Request for Equaling basic scales designation vise in all Govt departments.
    PPP Govt always better provided facilities’ to employees.

    It is requested that previous Govt was stopped move over of all Govt Employees BPS No.01 to 15 but some departments employees were great protest against this said step. Therefore, Govt increased basic scale only for those department employees. Under mentioned chart as example CDA,APCA, etc.

    Designation Previous BPS Current BPS
    LDC 05 —————-07
    Head Clerk 09————– 14

    Whereas, other departments employees specially technical staff are great facing/ feeling this difference /injustice.

    Forgoing in view, please equal Basic Scales designation vise for all Govt departments Employees. so that, employees can feel justice. It will most affect then to increase of pay.

  4. Khadim hussain says:

    Agar yeh ho jai to acha hai, hamray office (PTA) ko too abhi tak 2011 wali govt increase hi naheen mili hai

  5. 1. Good news and government employees.
    2. It is requested that government implement to this policy, one month basic pay of the employees/house rent allowance equal to hearing allowance.

  6. atta-ur-rehman says:

    we can,t say or justify this news is in the favour of servants.first all parties and specially this party do for itsself not the servants.there will be its own benifit or benifits of beuorocrates sitting on prominent seats.if this policy is approved and implimented then all benifits will go to this govt and the people who are in 19 and above govt is searching for the ways to swallow the remnants of the country.

  7. tahir rashid says:

    it is a good news for govt employees plz restore educational increament which was stopped in musharaff govt.

  8. the govt should increase the basic pay and also should implement or fix the house rent allowane in the pays of all servents

  9. it is requested that government will be implement of Housing Monetization policy, one month basic pay of the employees

  10. Iftikhar Ahmad says:

    1. First they will give monetary benefit.

    2. Sale all government residential properties.

    3. Then they will freeze the said allowance & then Emplyees will face terrible life.
    4. As the time will pass the employees could not meet the expense of housing.
    Comments are welcome
    great hard ship.

  11. muhammad akram says:

    polices is very good but who person for the implement the ptcl intizima
    these time ptcl position is asman gera kughara ma atka

  12. Muhammad Tahir Younus Baig says:

    Last year in july 2011 saleary increase of goverenment employees but this icreasing of saleary not implemated on PTCL employees till today why??? and now adays again talking about increasing the saleary,Is this Increasing of saleary increase in ptcl employees ????

  13. Ghulam Sarwar Chachar says:

    if this steps has been taken by Govt then wah wah. Tks for f. Mustafa for update the news

  14. ghullamustafa says:

    a.o.a the all news for reading purpose and same did not understanding getting the loans from nebihiours and aslo to controll the expenses and please be live in underlimt. pl ok

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