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Protest Letters to PTET and Secretary IT & Telecom From PTCL Pensioners for Pension Increase

Templates of Letters to PTET and Secretary IT & TelecomFrom PTCL Pensioners for Pension Increase as per federal govt. announcements.

I am enclosing protest letter against withholding of pension increase notified by Federal Government on 2nd July 2012. Four letters are attached, one each for the pensioners who retired from T&T Department and PTC while two letters are attached for those who retired from PTCL. You are requested to flood the ministry with the letter relevant to you. It is recommended that the letter is appropriately modified by each individual pensioner to his unique situation/views.

Naseem Ahmed Vohra

Email: navohra@hotmail.com

Download Protest Letters Templates Here

PTC Pensioners 2012

T&T Pensioners 2012

PTCL Pensioners 2012 MoIT

PTCL Pensioners 2012 PTET


Federal Secretary

IT and Telecom Division

Government of Pakistan

Evacuee Trust Building

F-5/1 Islamabad        

Subject: Denial of Pension Increase and Medical Allowance by PTET

Dear Sir

1.         I joined Pakistan Telegraph and Telephone (T&T) department on ———-(joining date) and retired from the same department on ————-(date of retirement). I started my service as a civil servant and retired as a civil servant; now I am a civil pensioner by all definitions under the laws of Pakistan. PTET is responsible for prompt disbursement of pension to me after the promulgation of Pakistan Telecommunication Reorganization Act 1996 (hereinafter Reorganization Act).  PTET disbursed me all pension increases notified by Federal Government promptly since its establishment till 2009; as notified.

2.         Federal Government issued four notifications on 5th July 2010 announcing pensionary benefits for civil servants; these benefits were disbursed to civil pensioners on 1st Aug. 2010 whereas pension increase was disbursed to me on 1st Feb. 2011 while Medical Allowance thus notified is yet to be disbursed by PTET. Similarly pension increase notified by Federal Government on 4th July 2011 and due on 1st Aug. 2011was disbursed to me on 1st Nov.2011 while Medical Allowance due since Aug 2010 is still not disbursed by PTET.

3.         Federal Government notified another pension increase vide No. F. 4(1)-Reg.612012-1144 dated 2nd July 2012. All the civil pensioners received increased pension on 1st Aug.2012. PTET has again failed to disburse increased pension to civil servants falling under its statutory obligation.

I was a Federal Government employee from start of my service to retirement and was never part of PTC/PTCL. It is responsibility of the Federal Government to ensure that all my legitimate pensionary benefits are disbursed to me promptly. I request your goodself to make arrangements for payment of increased pension and medical allowance with arrears to me without any further delay.



                                                                                                PPO No.


Chairman                                                                                                                                        PTET Board of Trustee                                                                                                             Islamabad

Subject: Pension Increase and Medical Allowance

  1. I, —–(Name) joined Pakistan Telegraph & Telephone Department (PT&T) as ——-(Post) on ——-(Date of joining) and retired from PTCL as Transferred Employee on ————(date of retirement).  T&T Department was converted into PTC under PTC Act 1991 and I was transferred to PTC on same terms and conditions of service to which I was entitled immediately before such transfer.

2.  On establishment of PTCL under Pakistan Telecommunication (Reorganization) Act 1996 I was transferred to the Company without option/compensation.  My terms and conditions of service and rights including my pensionary benefits were, however, protected under the said Act.

3. On my retirement PTET, the Pension Trust established to separate disbursement of pension from commercial operations of the Company, started disbursing pension to me under rules included in the Trust Instrument. All pensionary benefits notified by the Federal Government for civil pensioners were disbursed to me; as such.  I received according pension increases in years 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009(place years when you received pension increases).

4.  PTET, however, authorized arbitrary/illegal increase in my pension for the years 2010 and 2011 and denied all other pensionary benefits notified by the Federal Government against the statutory protections provided under Reorganization Act; which was challenged by pensioners in various High Courts of the country. Islamabad High Court directed PTET to disburse pension according to government notifications alongwith arrears. PTCL/PTET has appealed the decision of Islamabad High Court and is now under review in Intra –Court proceedings.

5. Honorable Islamabad High Court has held that in view of protections provided to pensionary benefits of telecommunication employees under Section 36 of Reorganization Act, no rules or provisions can be made by the Board of Trustees against the employees/pensioners except their intervention.

6. PTET has not disbursed me increased pension as notified by the Federal Government on 2nd July 2012; instead Ministry of IT and Telecom has notified new pension rules on 25th May 2012. PTET has not notified increase in my pension as required under the rules placing me at clear disadvantage in direct violation of Reorganization Act.

7.  I place on record through this letter that my consent was never sought, as required under Reorganization Act, in disbursement of arbitrary/reduced pension in 2010 and 2011 and no pension increase in 2012. I have collected reduced pension under protest against entitled pension and reserve my right to challenge arbitrary action of PTET Board of Trustees and Ministry of IT and Telecom in the court of law.



PPO Number


About Tahir Iqbal

PTCL Worker at Switching EWSD Multan Qualification = DAE (electrical) + BS(CS)


  1. wah zia wah tumari worker dushmani bi kia khoob management kedarparda pettu to tum te he pehli magar itni jurrat ki ab boss ko hush karney kely 30000 pension jo beway and boory hay ki helaaf be bhool pary Allah tum se ye badla zaroor lega inshAllah

  2. Dear Vohra Sahib/all other leaders

    Kindly take step to move Contemp of Court Proceedings in Supereme Court in the light of their judgement for us. As the Supereme Court take serious action in the same judgement.


    Shafqat Ali

  3. not seems, it is definitely a partner of PTCL / PTET Management.

  4. mir jafar aur mir sadiq hum main se he they. aur aaj bhe yeh log hi asal main hamare dushman hain.

  5. khoon chosnay walay logoon kay muhn per yeh batain zab nahen daten

  6. Well Mr.Zia, If you are 100% Sure, that no pension will be increased further last 3 years, Please let us know, How can you say it with confidence. Let us Proof. Furthermore, don’t discourge to widows, I think your words ” toba karo or koi karo bar karo choro pension increase ” not match your voice. You should make ” TOBA KARO ” Because you hurt WIDOWS & OLD POOR PENSIONERS in the critical situation of Pensioners. Please avoid in future to writes this kind of comments.

  7. Owi tum wo ho jo workers ka khoon choos rahay ho

  8. khalid (pensioner)

    No fruitful result is anticipated to appeal/request before the administration/concerned,In past thousand request/appeal have been submitted to all concerned but all are vain and wastage of time no one is ready to help you. so please faith on God and wait for to see their end,

  9. ZIA-UD-DIN PTEU Karachi

    Dear Pensioners Mazeed 3 sal Kuch b nahi milay ga. toba karo or koi karo bar karo choro pension increase.


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