PTA & Huawei organises Broadband Forum and Road Show 2011 : “Smarter Network for Better Life.”

PTA & Huawei organises Broadband Forum and Road Show 2011 : “Smarter Network for Better Life.”
ISLAMABAD (September 26, 2011) : Huawei Pakistan organised a Broadband Forum and Road Show in collaboration with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) here on Monday.
The basic theme of the forum was “Smarter Network for Better Life.” Chairman PTA Dr Mohammed Yaseen was the chief guest on this occasion while, Leo Xu, Vice President of Middle East Region, Huawei, Information Technology (IT) and telecommunication industry experts, representatives of telecom companies, academia and media representatives attended the seminar.
Speaking at the occasion Yaseen said that Pakistan has emerged as one of the leading markets in telecommunications. However, it is imperative that the industry keeps on moving forward for further development of the sector bringing more value to it. Arrangement of such events is surely an important step for sharing and identifying the future areas.
Chairman added that broadband penetration is driven by a number of factors. PTA as a regulator has an important role in ensuring fast growth of broadband in Pakistan. Though the principal duty with regards to broadband is to maintain a competitive broadband market, yet regulatory actions and strategies regarding broadband are supposed to reflect on the driving forces in form of expanding access, enhancing Citizen Digital Skills, Promoting Local Content and increasing value addition inside the Network (Intelligent Network) and services. He said that Wireless Broadband is surely an important area of consideration for the industry in future. People are interested in mobility and connectivity at the same time. “We will be observing new era of wireless broadband in the country,” he added.

PTA Chairman inaugurates Broadband Forum & Road Show in Islamabad

During the seminar Xu also shared his expert opinion on future of broadband in the country. He highlighted areas of mobile technologies, broadband, consumer lifestyles, smart phones, mobile content, services and applications etc.

The road show will open for a week, as a dedicated team of Huawei executives, experts and technical support staff come together to host an unforgettable broadband experience to key stakeholders and partners in the country.
Broadband is widely regarded as a key indicator of national competitiveness and economic development. According to estimates, a 10 percent increase in broadband penetration translates into 1.3 percent grand domestic product (GDP) growth. With an ongoing commitment to enriching people’s life and enhancing broadband development, Huawei has invested considerable resources and works closely with its partners to bring the most cost-effective, cutting-edge products and solutions to people in Pakistan. The road show held under the theme of “Smarter Network for Better Life,” serves as an important part of the company’s efforts to lead broadband forward. “By providing a hands-on experience of new mobile and fixed broadband services, the road show will offer a glimpse into Huawei’s vision for highly-efficient and flexible next-generation technology. These innovations will ultimately bring down operator costs and provide a better experience for the region’s consumers,” said Leo Xu, Vice President of the Middle East Region, Huawei.
(Published in Dailytimes on September 27, 2011)

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