PTA issues ‘Number Allocation and Administration Regulations 2011’

PTA issues ‘Number Allocation and Administration Regulations 2011’
– Directs foreign missions to seek approval of Foreign Ministry
– UAN(s) on first come first serve basis
KARACHI (September 23, 2011) : Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has directed all foreign missions to endorse their telephony numbers’ plans with Ministry of Foreign Affairs for embassies, consulate generals and organizations in Pakistan.
The authority issued “The Number Allocation and Administration Regulations, 2011” recently, which said that all governments’ and states’ departments should also approve their telephony numbers plans with their concerned ministry before submitting their application to PTA.

Download PTA Numbering Allocation and Administration Regulations, 2011

They are instructed to request their applications for numbering allocation not more than six months prior to the planned in-service date. The authority will assign resources after the applicant has fulfilled all the requirements within a reasonable time period but not beyond thirty days.
The organisations are eligible for allocation of short codes as well Universal Access Number (UAN) and Toll Free Numbers. The organisation should provide its registration number, postal address and the name, telephone number, facsimile number and email address of a contact person.

UAN(s) shall be allocated on first come first serve basis in accordance with the terms and conditions as determined by PTA time to time. They UAN shall be allocated on non-ownership basis for a period of five yeas on set charges.
They are directed to provide backend number of each intended terminating location but if primary rate interface is to be used as a back-end number, the spilt primary rate interface numbers may be allowed against different UANs as long as different UANs terminate at different handling.
PTA may choose to consult or the relevant details of an application for numbering capacity an application either for expansion of an existing allocation or for a charge of use of an existing allocation.
It shall use all reasonable endeavours to make an allocation in response to applications for numbering capacity within a maximum period of 30 days after the complete information of the operators or organisations.
Besides organisations possessing a valid license, all telecommunication operators are liable to implement on the regulations, which has been amended after a period of five years.
The telephone numbers are a national resources therefore they re not owned by a person or organisation to which they are allocated or issued. Each holder of an allocation shall submit an annual number return to the authority one month before completion of the year. The return shall specify the information about the current allocation, the allocation of blocks of numbers to individuals and the percentage of numbers, which have been allocated to end-users.

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