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PTA Postponed 3G Mobile License Auction

PTA Postponed 3G  Cellular Mobile Licence Auction

Islamabad (March 8, 2012) – Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has postponed  auction of 3G Mobile Broadband License. On PTA Official website following alert/message is published :

“The current schedule of Mobile Cellular Auction is under review. Fresh dates will be posted in due course of time”

Question and Answers about 3G Auction

1) Bidding & Timetable

a)   What is the timeframe for return of Earnest money to unsuccessful bidder(s)?
Ans i)  Within 30 working days from the auction date, on request.
b)  What if the winner fails to meet financial obligations?
Ans i)    The next highest bidder will be offered the License/Spectrum at the highest bidding price with the following conditions:
Ans (1)        Pay earnest money within 9 working days from the date of the offer extended by PTA, if  the same is already not available with the Authority
Ans (2)        Meet   all   payment   conditions   of   50%   and   100%   Auction   money   payments   within   the specified timeframe which are: within 30 and 60 working days from the offer date.
c)   Are the words ‘Expression of Interest’ and ‘Application Form’ synonyms i.e. they mean the same?
Ans i)  No. Expression of Interest is an indication by the prospective investor that it is interested in the spectrum, is seriously evaluating and in the process   of due-diligence for the License/Spectrum.   It is expected   that   the   EoI   will   be   submitted   much   ahead   of   application   filing   (could   be   now)   and   will enable the investor to ask questions and be officially responded by PTA.
Ans ii) However,   Application   submission   is   a   more   serious   step   and   we   expect   that   by   that   time   the  investor has made up its mind to participate in the auction and will furnish all those details and forms             mentioned in the IM. The last date for application submission is March 9, 2012.

d)   Is there any cost associated with the submission of the EoI and Application form?
Ans i)    There   is   no   cost   associated   with   the   submission   of   the   EoI.   However,   the   application   shall   be submitted with a payment of US $ 1,000 as indicated in the IM.

2) Consortium or Multiple Ownership
a)   Would change of consortiums be allowed by PTA?
Ans i)    Consortium change   will be allowed only after the issuance of the   License as per   the terms and conditions of the License.

3)  Services in AJK and GB
a)   Will the winner of the spectrum for Pakistan be allowed to provide services in AJK and GB?
Ans i)    No
b)   When will the winner of the new   License/spectrum for   Pakistan be allowed to provide services in AJK and GB?
Ans i)    After   the   announcement   of   policy  for   AJK   &  GB   and   fulfilling  its   relevant   IM requirements.
c)   Will   the   winner   of   the   new   mobile   cellular   License/   spectrum   in   Pakistan   who   is   also Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

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