PTA will devise spectrum reframing strategy : Chairman PTA Muhammad Yaseen

PTA will devise spectrum reframing strategy : Chairman PTA Muhammad Yaseen
KARACHI (September 15, 2011) : Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided to devise national spectrum re-farming strategy for reaping the associated business, entrepreneurship and social benefits of exponential ICT infrastructure.
Speaking as a chief guest at the seminar titled “What’s Ahead in Telecommunication for Pakistan,” on Thursday in Islamabad, PTA chief Muhammad Yaseen said PTA is committed to bring in latest technology in the country therefore it will take all measure steps to improve the internet and telecommunication infrastructure, services and its usage in line with developed countries.

Reforms in Telecom Sector vital - Chairman PTA

He added that several countries have formulated Spectrum Re-farming Policy Framework to promote wireless broadband dissemination in rural areas because it is the time to open doors of opportunities to our young innovative minds, and bridge the unseen gaps.
PTA chief said the frequency harmonization is extremely important to achieve benefits of rapid development in wireless technologies, making it imperative for administrations allows changes in frequency assignments in national interest.
Mohammed Yaseen said that Pakistan has emerged as one of the leading markets in telecommunications but moving forward for further development is imperative through value additions.
Wireless Broadband is surely an important area of consideration for the industry in future because users are interested in mobility and connectivity at the same time.
Pakistan will be observing new era of wireless broadband in the country as the country’s potential for broadband success is driven by a number of factors including its demand in education, commercial and businesses.

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