PTCL Achieves 10 Lac Broadband Customers Milestone

PTCL Achieves 10 Lac (One Million) Broadband Customers Milestone

On this Telecom Day , PTCL becomes the first company to achieve it first 1 million broadband customers. With the technology focused approach and resolve to grow with the ever evolving global technology trends, PTCL has always been at the forefront in driving technological revolution to deliver innovative products and services that improve the digital lives of its customers. It is the untiring efforts of the employees that have translated the company vision into a reality.

Key Highlights:

To celebrate this milestone following activities have been planned:
PTCL has collaborated with ministry of information and technology to celebrate World Telecommunication and information society day; it is in this event that the announcement of 1 million customer milestone will be made. This will be a completely PTCL branded event that will aim to portray the joy and the celebrations that PTCL has achieved from this milestone.
Celebrations at PTCL headquarters and all OSS across Pakistan

PTCL broadband is truly leading the broadband revolution in the country and is changing the way people communicate and share information. In a short span of only 5 years PTCL DSL broadband service has expanded from 3 cities to over 1100 cities. This massive growth has been due to unmatchable speeds unlimited downloads and unbeatable options that PTCL Broadband provides. With basic speeds ranging from 256 kbps, 1 Mbps, 2Mbps, 4 Mbps & 8 Mbps to VDSL ultra high speeds of 10 Mbps, 20 Mbps and 50 Mbps Broadband offers speeds further up to 100 Mbps on Fibre to the home broadband service. PTCL broadband therefore ensures provision of Broadband to every household and business of Pakistan.
The wireless broadband network has transformed the concept of broadband usage- offering freedom of mobility. From a dongle offering speeds upto 3.1 Mbps  to blazing speeds of 9.3 Mbps on 3G EVO nitro; to EVO cloud a personal mobile hotspot connecting 5 devices at a time, to Pakistan’s first 3G enabled Tablet EVO TAB;  to EVODROID a 3G enabled Smartphone; the wireless network just like its predecessor has many feathers to its cap    Within a span of few years the wireless network expanded to more than 200 cities, the largest in the country.
At the same time where broadband revolutionize communication; PTCL Smart TV gives a new definition to entertainment. It is one of its kind service in Pakistan with crystal Clear television transmission, unique features of rewind pause and play.
The story of revolution continues as more innovative and futuristic products were launched in succession Videocon the video calling service has yet again redefined the way people communicate.
Keeping the futuristic vision in mind new products and innovative services are continuously being developed coupling Wired and wireless services. One such innovative product is Jadoo Box; offering novelty and uniqueness of 24/7 connectivity “Jadoo Box”, DSL and wireless connectivity amalgamated to provide uninterrupted broadband service.
PTCL remains committed to driving the telecom services in the region towards a further innovative and developing era. This commitment has enabled PTCL team to develop product and services that fulfill the unprecedented customer needs. PTCL’s First 1 million broadband customers are just the first step towards the journey of milestones PTCL has achieved this success due to team work put in by its employees at all levels, and we are sure that all of us will continue to perform as a team to further PTCLs’ mandate to become the leading telecom company in the region.

Message on 2012 World Telecommunication & Information Society Day By President & CEO PTCL, Mr. Walid Irshaid

On behalf of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), it gives me great pleasure to commemorate the international 2012 World Telecommunication & Information Society Day (WTISD) celebrated globally every year on May 17. Indeed, the ever-evolving ICTs have acted as a catalyst for the world in creating new and better opportunities, sustaining economies, improving health care, providing information & education, and increasing our knowledge and vision.
This year’s theme for WTISD entitled “Women and Girls in ICT” aligns the basic objective of ICTs to create equal opportunities and openness for all irrespective of gender or creed with a special focus on women and girls. Gender equality is a basic human right enshrined in the UN Charter, and it is one of the main objectives of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). ICTs are tools that can help accelerate progressThis year’s focus is on special efforts for women and girls, using the power of ICTs to provide new digital opportunities to end discrimination and empower the female half of the world’s population to achieve their rightful place as equals in the world.  towards achieving this critical target.

As Pakistan’s largest integrated telecommunication company, PTCL stands committed to the envisioned goals of WTISD 2012. We passionately believe in creating innovative yet affordable ICT and telecom solutions, products and services that meet the needs of all segments of Pakistan’s society. With over 3 million fixed line users and 1 million Broadband customers in over 1000 cities, PTCL is reaching the country’s furthest areas where others have not. We are fueling the Broadband revolution in Pakistan with our EVO 3G Wireless Broadband offering true mobility and fastest wireless Internet within the reach of every citizen of Pakistan.
At PTCL, we are determined to utilize the full potential of ICTs by providing women with the telecommunication tools, products and services they need to empower them to be free and make their own decisions. We strongly believe that by promoting across-the-board affordability, accessibility and mobility for its products and services, PTCL is playing a real part in reducing gender barriers in Pakistan by providing freedom to access information, communication and education in every corner of the country.
Whether it is our highly popular EVO student package, or outreach in women’s universities/colleges in Balochistan, or Internet powering of Punjab’s primary schools, or powering snow-capped Chitral with Wireless Broadband, PTCL is truly empowering the youth and women of Pakistan to get on the information communication highway and become part of a globalized world for the better.


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  2. But despite these good services PTCL employees victim of fruseration and dissatisfaction because neither made increase their salary nor got promosion till now. For the sake of Almight Allah dont ignore them and elease their ligimate and fundamental rights which snached by the management since July, 2011.







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