PTCL Announces Annual Profit of 8.4 Billions for Year 2010-2011

PTCL Annual Report Fiscal Year 2010-2011: PTCL consolidated earnings at Rs 8.4bn
KARACHI (September 7, 2011) : Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) announced financial results for the year ended June 30 on Tuesday, posting unconsolidated earnings of Rs7.43 billion, which represented earning per share (eps at Rs1.46).
The company profit was down by 20 per cent over the previous year. Consolidated earnings amounted to Rs8.4bn, resulting in eps of Rs1.65.
In fourth-quarter alone, the company registered profit after tax at Rs2.46 billion (eps: Rs0.48), recording a huge rise of 71 per cent over the same period last year. “The results came in higher than consensus estimates on account of higher other operating income of Rs3.65 billion, which registered 201 per cent jump over the earlier year,” commented Furqan Ayub, analyst at JS Global.

PTCL Announces annual profit of 8.4 Billions for Year 2010-2011 - Express 8-9-2011

No dividend was declared with the results on Wednesday as the company had already paid Rs1.75 per share in the third quarter of the financial year 2011.
In FY11, the company revenue declined by three per cent over the earlier year’s revenue and stood at Rs55.25 billion, as declining fixed line subscription continued to restrict growth in topline. Operating costs on the other hand rose by 9pc to Rs41.8 billion on the back of rising salary costs which in turn resulted in 858bps decline in gross margins.
With the company pursuing an aggressive advertising campaign, selling and marketing expenses too rose by 6pc over earlier year.
A press release by PTCL quoted company President Walid Irshaid as saying: “PTCL’s DSL Broadband is the largest and fastest growing Broadband service available in over 1000 cities and towns across Pakistan, with its market share close to 90 per cent”.


  1. Me a student ,,
    Ist of all congrats to all team and thanks to ALLAH.

    kindly bless upon your employees really specially pensioners.
    GOD bless u.

  2. Abdul Majeed says:

    Blessing of all Mighty ALLAH. Good enough. Now the management of the PTCL should shower some drops of the blessing upon their employees and specially the Pensioners.

  3. Respected CEO PTCL (Mr. Walid Irshad)

    The statement issued by PTCL management is excellent good news. We the Pensioners of your department humbly request to your kind honour that please restore our previous year enhancement of Pension and current year announcement of Government of Pakistan. Hence you will take the prayers thousands of Pensioners,their women, and children.
    Inshall Almighty Allah will give you “AAJAR” of your this act of kindness.

    Please look into the matter and take prayers.

    Abdul Salam, PTCL Pensioners

  4. In response of above statement announced by the PTCL Management. Is there is a chance to increase in pension?

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