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PTCL Announces Net Profit of Rs. 5.354 billion

PTCL Announces Net Profit of Rs. 5.354 billion for the half year ended in December 2009.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) today announced its financial results for the half year ended on 31st December, 2009. The Company has announced a Net Profit of Rs. 5.354 billion compared to Rs. 5.314 billion recorded in the same period last year. On a consolidated basis, for half year ended December 31, 2009, the Group earned Rs. 6.7 billion Profit after Taxation i.e. a 13% growth compared to same period last year.

During last year, PTCL has continued its strategy of developing new sources of income, on the Commercial side. The Company remained focused, inter-alia, on enhancing Broadband penetration and accordingly PTCL achieved 85% market share by acquiring about 336,000 customers spread over 200 cities in Pakistan. During the period under review, ‘Evo’ – the wireless Broadband based on 3G technology with nationwide roaming for the first time in Pakistan, expanded to all the major cities in the country too. Under the USF scheme, PTCL is extending voice and data services to the underserved and far-flung areas of Pakistan using satellite backhaul as well.

To provide value services to its Corporate clients, the Company has launched Enterprise DSL, I-Sentry (IP video monitoring and surveillance solution), managed services and also soft launched Tele-presence for the first time in Pakistan. Also, Data Centers equipped with latest technologies are being established at Karachi and Lahore with the objective to provide data-hosting as well as disaster-recovery services to our valued corporate customers. Another initiative is the on-going project to equip over four thousand (4,000) schools with IT labs under the auspices of Government of Punjab.

For the PSTN customers, various innovative packages at national and regional levels have been introduced. Free on-nets minutes for new connections, Double-up Unlimited Package with single pricing for voice and broadband services, Bundle deals in Lahore and Karachi and Regional Packages all over the country are a few examples.

President PTCL Walid Irshaid commenting on the results said “We strive hard to ensure the high standards of quality that our valued customers expect from us. Now customers can experience the Internet at its fastest with high-speed access from Broadband Pakistan, simultaneously, enjoy Voice service over the same telephone line without any extra cabling connections! Broadband Pakistan offers DSL service with unmatched reliability, affordability and connectivity

He further added this reflects our commitment to add value to the lives of our customers and provide them access to the most sophisticated and advanced services with Automation of processes, operational costs optimization, commissioning of Next Generation Networks, development of nationwide backbone infrastructure, and propagation of broadband services among few of the envisioned objectives for the near future.”

The management and employees of PTCL remain committed to provide quality services at competitive prices through optimal use of resource for achieving enhanced revenue and greater levels of customer satisfaction as well as improved shareholders’ value.

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