PTCL Bonus Notification 2013 for its Employees (Regular, NCPG, NTC)

PTCL Announced Bonus for its Employees of all categories (Regular, NCPG, NTC)

Mazhar Hussain (SEVP HR) Message

Dear all;

It’s our pleasure to announce the Annual Bonus for all PTCL employees on the basis of performance of the company for the Period ended 31st December 2012. This is a departure from the past practice of paying the bonus on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr.

PTCL Employees Bonus Notification in Urdu

PTCL Employees Bonus Notification in Urdu

PTCL Employees Bonus Notification March 2013

Now, with the change of financial year to January-December and finalization of results for the period July-December 2012, the management has decided to pay full year’s bonus in recognition of the encouraging performance of the company as per the attached notification.

This Bonus will replace the practice of payment of annual Bonus on Eid ul Fitr and henceforth we will pay the Bonus on the annual review of the company results.    

We’re aware of the dedication, hard work, and commitment of our valued employees that has enabled us to compete in a dynamic business environment. It’s indeed due to the persistent support and unwavering resolve of our workforce that we’ve not only been competing in this difficult atmosphere but maintaining our leadership position.

This bonus is an acknowledgement of the highest esteem that we accord to the well being of our human capital. We hope that this gesture would encourage all employees to demonstrate greater commitment towards the attainment of company’s goals and would motivate them to strive for greater benefits in future by taking the company to the heights of glory and success.

Best regards

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  1. Ghazali Imam says:

    Congratulation to all PTCL employees

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