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PTCL CBA Union Submitted Charter of Demand (CoD 2012) to PTCL Management

PTCL CBA Union Submitted the Charter of Demand on October 11, 2012


PTCL H/Qrs G-8/4


Subject:                  CHARTER  OF  DEMAND.

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to  note that  you  have recognized us as Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA) vide

PTCL H/Q Islamabad’s e-mail dated 18.09.2012 In accordance with the NIRC decision.

On   behalf  of  all  employees, We, Pakistan Telecom  Employees Union (CBA), are enclosing

herewith “Charter of Demand” in term of Sections 33, 34 & 35, of  Industrial Relations Act (IRA)       2012, for  negotiations and “Settlement” for the welfare and well-being of PTCL workers.

We hope that the negotiations will take place within the stipulated time as envisaged in IRA 2012.

                (Zulfiqar Ali Sangi)            (Ziauddin)                   (Lala Muhammad Hanif)

           Chairman                       President                   Secretary General

1.   The President PTCL, PTCL Headquarters,Islamabad.
2.   Federal Secretary for IT&T, Govt.of Pakistan, Islamabad.
3.   The FederalSecretaryfor HRD,Govt.of Pakistan,Islamabad.
4    The Chairman, NIRC, Islamabad.
5.   The  Registrar Trade Unions, NIRC,Islamabad.

PTCL CBA Union Charter of Demand 2012

Charter Of Demand

1.  A few workers  were  terminated,  dismissed and removed from  service as a result of  previous strikes. Moreover, some of the  workers were deprived  of  increments and other financial incentives such as deductions of salary and enhancement in salary on appraisal basis. All such orders should be withdrawn  with all benefits retrospectively.

2.  Latest revised Govt Pay Scale 2011, should be given to PTCL employees, including all  increases, financial  benefits such as (medical allowance, conveyance allowance,  house    requisition,  hill allowance,    traveling  allowance,    daily  allowance, Special Agency Allowance,  UN-attracted Area allowance, Instruction  allowance etc.), with arrears  wef   01.07.2011. Pension  should be  given to employees as per Govt  of Pakistan pension  rules.

3.  Section 35 & 36 of  Pak Telecom (Re-Organization) Act, 1996, should be honoured in its totality keeping in view the  verdict  of  Hon’able Supreme Court of  Pakistan dated 11.08.2011, and    other    lawful   Settlements  dated  14.6.2005,  28.10.2005   &  12.04.2006.

 4. Employee’s data    should be  provide~ to  Privatization Commission, Govt. of  Pakistan, for  disbursement   of  12%  shares   under  Benazir Employees  Stock  Option  Scheme  (BESOS).

5. The employees   should   be  promoted   as  per  Regular  Channel   of  Promotion  with       retrospective effect with all financial benefits.

6.  12 years  placement  policy should be  restored  and  period of  12 years  service should be lowered  to  6 years  in same  scale instead of cadre.

 7.  NCPG employees be regularized and given BPS instead of  NCPG.

 8.  Daily Wage employees be regularized and given BPS.

 9.  Incentive Pay should be enhanced  from 30% to  100%.

10. Employees’ son/daughter quota in recruitment should be restored.

11. In  case of  accidental death   during  duty/service, Rs.2,500,000   should  be  paid  to bereaved   family   as  compensation     and   son/daughter/dependant      of  deceased  employee be given employment. It should be restored  w.ef.   01.07.2005. The  widow or sons/daughters   should be  given full salaries including increments,  promotions etc  till the  deceased  attain  superannuation  age of retirement.

12. Surplus &    Redundant Pools should  be abolished. Disciplinary action  should  not  be taken without  cogent / valid grounds.

 13.The  Medical Policy should be reviewed. Health facilities should  be improved. Annual limit  of  patient should  be enhanced from  450,000    to  2,000,000.  In  panel hospital  room facility to  inpatient  be provided to  every employees and their  dependents from  BPS-1 to  BP-15.

14. Male and female doctors should be hired without  discrimination and where there are 50  or   more   employees,  dispensaries should  be  set-up  equipped  with  necessary  medicines, medical instruments and ambulances.

15. BPS-1 to 15 employees should  not be transferred from  one region or  city to  another  without  their  consent.

 16. Marriage Grant should  be enhanced from  50,000/=    to  200,000/=    and  it  should be  given even after  retirement.

17. Education grant for  students attending school and colleges should be enhanced from  800  to 8000 and from  1600 to 16000 respectively.

18. Muslim son  every  Eid and  non-Muslims  on the  occasions  of their  festivals be  given bonus minimum Rs.20, 000/- each without discrimination.

19.Uniform Allowance should be enhanced  upto  100%.

 20. Free Service Telephone with Internet  should be provided to all PTCL employees.

 21. All field employees should be facilitated with Motor Cycles without discrimination.

 22. Admissible full amount     of  Q-Loan should be    given to   employees  at   least  in three installments. CBA Quota should be enhanced from  10 to  50%.

 23. Post  of  Conservancy     Inspector  should   be  upgraded    as  Conservancy     Supervisor  (BPS-ll)    and  all  such  posts   where   no   channel   of  promotion    is available  be  up-graded  up to  Four (04) stages

24. Wireman should be promoted from BPS 3 to  BPS-8 as Technician  instead of lineman.

25. Hajj  Policy should  be   reviewed  and    all  employees  without   any  discrimination be  included in Hajj draw.  Hajj quota     be  enhanced   from  40  to  100 employees.  List of successful employees  of Hajj draw should be circulated in all Regions and draw date should  be   communicated     to all.  In  draw  process, presence    of  representatives  of workers should be ensured.

26. Linemen and  BB(Tech) should be provided 50 liter petrol on monthly basis.

27. Extra work load on linemen should be eliminated as per staff standard  (in urban area 200  telephone  lines and in rural area  50 telephone  lines).

 28. All employees should be given overtime as per GOP laws.

29. Repair and  Maintenance of residential quarters/apartments should be carried out and  it will be appreciated  if  the  ownership  is  transferred  in  the name   of  allottee  on  monthly installments.

30. Bonus  should  be   announced    as  per “Law of  Profit Bonus” /    Standing order  1968 (10-C), with retrospective  effect from 2006.

31. Funeral  charges   should   be  enhanced    at  par  with  price  hiking.  Every  deceased employees  should be  granted    Rs.100,000/=  and  in case  of death    of any dependent Rs.80,000/=.

 32. All employees who possess  Master degree  in any faculty should be given BPS-17and  those  who have already exempted  on  the basis  of  MBA (Finance)  should  also  be given BPS-17.

33. Duty  hours   be  fixed  according  labour    laws  and   weekly   holiday  should  be   mandatory for all employees.

34. CSR is getting  outdoor  allowance Rs.25/=  per month.  The  rate  should be  enhanced  as per market  rate  up to  Rs.2000/=

 35. Cable Jointers  are  getting 1000/=  per  month  for cable jointing.  Their work is very tough  and  they  have  to  face very  harsh  conditions. This should be  enhanced  up to Rs.6000/=

36. Employees who were  diploma holders at the  time of initial recruitment  but  could not  be appointed  as  Engineering Supervisors due to  non-availability of vacancies  should be promoted  as E.S.

37. Certain administrative posts  such as  Steno typist,  Stenographer,  JAC, SAC,should be upgraded   as  per  Govt. notification. All outstanding  issues  arisen  after  up-gradation  of certain  clerical posts LDC, UDC,Assistant) should be  resolved  as  per  laid down   rules.  Those  willing workers  in ministerial sector  who  possess  technical/financial expertise /  knowledge should be converted  to technical/financial  sector.

 38. Those who qualified NTS examination for BPS-17should be promoted  accordingly.

39.  All polices issued by the  management without consulting CBA(worker representatives)

 should be  reviewed and made workers friendly,such as  Transfer, Posting, Leave &  Medical Policy etc.

40. NILAT training should be restored.

41. In  case of accidental  death of any  employee  one  day  salary  may  be  deducted from  willing employees and  paid to  bereaved  family members  as  compensation  on behalf  of  employees.

42.  Any other’ demand which is. escaped  in  above  points  should be included during negotiation / meeting and be termed as essential point of Charter of Demand.

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  1. Dear ALL PTCL Mein 2005 se salary nahi barhi. AAj Akhbar mein Khabar hai,Islamabad mein PTCL Officer ka beta daciti ke elzam mein pakra gai. Kia Kisi Admi ke paas VSS/CSS/Golden Hand Shake ki Authentic News hai.

  2. khuda khuda kar k kufer toota ab tak to aap buhat kuch bana chuke ho just like politician ,now khuda k liay ab to Emplolyee ka sochiay,after 8th saal charter of demand darah ho to khudaarah kuch Employee ka socheye , ab to hameh teachers k saamny bhi sharm aati k un ki salary ham se kay gunah ziyada h ,
    allah aap ka hami aur nasir. hamaray jealoooooo

  3. mary muhtarum sahiban leaders of CBA
    kia aap logo nay koi regional livel par office bearer banaya hay in 3 salo main ? ya division livel par khas kar Khyber pokhtoon khawa
    main ? muhtarum sb jab b koi jang kartha hay tho sab say pehly apni foj { army } ko tayar kartha hay tho ye office bearer apka army hay, tho aap nay jab charter of demand pesh karna tha tho means keh aap inthizamia say jang lad rahy ho tho kia aap logo nay ladny k ley apni army banaya hay ? ya worker ko dhoka day rahy ho ?

  4. Lala Hanif Zindabad

  5. ye sub kuch union ki drama bazai h. 3 sal say mazay lay rahay hain. kia phir ptcl employees ko kuch milay ga.

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