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PTCL CEO & President Issued Broadband Road Map for 2013-2014

PTCL CEO & President Issued Broadband Road Map for 2013-2014

Message of Walid irshaid (PTCL’s CEO & President) to its Employees

Main Targets

20 Lac Broadband Connection at the end of 2013

4 Mbps Minimum Broadband DSL Speed at the end of 2013

CEO & President PTCL Walid Irshaid
CEO & President PTCL Walid Irshaid

Islamabad (Monday, August 5, 2013) – As we have discussed and recognize, our collective efforts and commitment are integral to PTCL’s future success. PTCL has the required network capacity; a visible market; an extensive customer base; strong goodwill of the people who have devoted their energies to our business success so far; and the determination to aim for even greater successes.

By end-2013,  it is imperative that we must attain a customer base of 2,000, 000 Broadband users. This milestone is achievable and we all must act upon fulfilling all the requirements to ensure that it gets achieved.

The Commercial and Zonal heads must work collectively to create sustainable demand for PTCL’s offerings. This will require your collective vision and foresightedness when you launch creative promotions, create bundled service packages, and remain steadfastly attuned to emerging customer preferences and market trends.

PTCL, as you have been made aware, will migrate all existing 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps customers to 4 Mbps by Dec 31, 2013. Come January 1, 2014, there shall remain not a single customer with a bandwidth of 1 Mbps or 2 Mbps throughout Pakistan. Align your technical, commercial, and financial priorities today to guarantee that 4 Mbps becomes PTCL’s minimal standard of broadband access in Pakistan by end-2013.

I clearly repeat, 4 Mbps shall be the minimal bandwidth offered to all PTCL customers beyond December 31, 2013.

By end-2014, PTCL will achieve another milestone: During next year of 2014 , we shall work all to take our total Broadbanders in Pakistan to 3.5 – 4.0  Million .This shall reflect clearly in our 2014 Budget and shall make the capacity available and ready and must make all necessary provisions . We shall now have more frequent Broadband  review meetings to ensure that our Road Map is now progressed and developed to ensuring that above objectives are religiously met.

PTCL  shall and must remain the undeterred market leader and the true broadband catalyst in Pakistan. This shall strongly remain our collective and unyielding commitment .

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  1. Muhammad Sagheer

    Respected Sir,

    I am Sagheer and i am in Bahrain now a days before i met you sir in Marriott hotel Islamabad.May be you forget me sir but you know me by face.I was in Marriott before.one my request and also good for PTCL. my number is closed almost from 3 month daily my family calling and giving complains but every body says ok but still nobody came and see the problem they are saying ok we will do.
    Sir please investigate and give proper punishment to concern.
    Sir my number is 2840945 Margalla Town Islamabad

    Thanks & best Regards

    Muhammad Sagheer


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