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PTCL Clarification Regarding News Clipping

Dear PTCL Employees,

With reference to the news in a local paper dated 18th April, related to the alleged plan of employees lay off, it is certified that the news is baseless, misleading and a pile of lies. This has been published to distract the focus of loyal and hardworking staff. Employees of PTCL know the intention of few elements who, in past, tried to use them for their personal agendas and political gains. Same elements from time to time try to deceive employees for their own benefits whose motives have been understood and discarded by the employees.

All employees are hereby advised that they should remain focused and should concentrate on their work instead of listening to such baseless and false information. PTCL management respects all employees and always works out schemes for the welfare, well being and prosperity of employees. We always keep the interest of the employees as our top most priority.


Muhammad Bilal

About Tahir Iqbal

PTCL Worker at Switching EWSD Multan Qualification = DAE (electrical) + BS(CS)

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  1. Something wrong, when some-one need to take any action on any kind of matter. He should announced their thoughts by thier agent. Later-on he take action according to view of effective.

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