PTCL Employees Incentives Extended for Installations of Landline, DSL & IPTV:

PTCL Employees Incentives Extended till Febuary 28, 2011 for Installations of Landline (PSTN), DSL (Broadband) & IPTV (Smart TV):




(Text of Message)

It’s a pleasure to convey that during the month of January 2011, very heartening and encouraging number of PSTN, Broadband, and IPTV have been installed. In view of the good results of December and January, it has been decided to extend the Special Promotional Incentives announced for the installations for December and January for further one month and shall now remain applicable till 28th. February 2011 subject to the condition that the total installations of the regions in February exceed the numbers achieved in January.
I take this opportunity to convey our highest appreciations for the efforts and hard work of our employees during this month and hope that the same momentum will be maintained with full dedication and spirit to steer this organization forward. This is exactly the way which would lead the organization towards success and glory and we will be able to pass on maximum benefits to our employees in the form of more incentives. I urge all concerned to ensure the disbursement of the incentive amount immediately after confirmation of the receipt of first bill in accordance with the policy.

Best Regards

Syed Mazhar Hussain


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  2. Bahri Karam says:

    This is very good but why the bncc operator still deprive of such incentive?

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