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PTCL Employees Salary Increase / Increment Notification 2012

Islamabad (August 2, 2012) – PTCL has announced Annual Salary Increment 2011-2012 of all employees (Management and Non-Management).
The Name of New Allowance is “Performance Allowance 2012”.
According to notification issued on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 No.TM&L/Salary/2012 the allowance for Non-Management Employees (Regular and NCPG) will be 10% to 20% on the basis of performance evaluation.

Allowance for Management Employees will be 7.5% to 15% on the basis of performance evaluation.

Text of Notification

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.

PTCL Headquarters, Sector G-8/4, Islamabad


 No. TM&L/Salary/2012                                                 Dated: lstAugust, 2012

 Inter Office Memo

Subject: Annual Salary Increment -2011-12

 The Management is pleased to announce the salary increases for all regular, NTC and NCPG employees based on annual performance of 2011-12 effective from 1* July 2012-The details of Annual Salary Increaseare explained below:


■     Increase up to 20% of running basic pay of all non-management employees will be paid as “Performance Allowance – 2012”.This increase will be paid on the basis of performance evaluation of the employees through Performance Management System. Depending on the ranking in the PMS, employee will get an increase starting from 10% to 20% of running Basic Pay.


■     All management employees will be given “Performance Allowance – 2012”, ranging from 7.5% to 15% of the Running Basic Pay, based on their performance evaluation results and categorization.

 The Management sincerely hopes that our employees in all ranks will exert more efforts and work harder to improve the performance and results of the company so that they can avail more rewards and benefits in future.

Any clarification or query regarding this process will be decided by the SEVP (HR)on case to case basis.

 Best regards.


Notification PTCL Employees Salary increment – increase 2012 issued on 01-08-2012

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  1. Dear All Workers of PTCL.
    PTCL management ki policies pechale chand saloon say buhut khrab rahe hay ya sarmaydaroon say saaz baz kar ke worker ko zehane tourchar kar ke marna chate hein Govt 20% day rahe hai PTCL management 7.50% sai 12% woh bhi performence allounce ki shikil mein ya alounce basic pay mein zam nahein hoga dosari baat pentioner hain retire persons hain un ka koi ziker hi nahein itne mehgai hay un ke bcha hein un ko aap kitne persent de rahe ho aap un ko pal nahein sakte to un ko GOVT ke hawale karo kuch to karo courtoon ke chakar lagwa rahe ho old citizens ko kortoon ke chakar lagwa rahe ho woh aap se ziyada tu nahein mangte sirf kahate hain ke hamein woh mraat do jo governemt apne retaire emplyees ko dati hai is meion kiya burai hay aap ko to ziyada dana chahiya kiyopun ke aap ne ak falahi idara apeny retired mulazmein ke liya bana dala falahi kam tu aap kar nahein rahe ho phir kon sa jawaz hai is ko qaim rakhane ka us ko tor do currption karne ke liya retire old citizen ke naam par idaray ko lotane ke liya kion pakistan ko badnam kar rahe ho ya hai jhamori hakomat worker ki nimainda hakomat sab mil kar kiyoun jhamoriyat ko badnam kar rahe ho yahan kisi kop nahein rahana sab ne chale jana hay yahan kisi ko nahein rahana aap bari buildgen banaein sab kuch ban jain leken ak time par do roti say ziyzda roti nahein kha sakte sub kuch yahein rahana hai bihter tarika insaf ka hay mat bhad wala kanoon saheeh nahein hay ak to sari roti khai dosre ko adhi roti bhi na mile yahan ya kahani hai.

  2. good policy but unjust for hard workers Employees Because BM officers already convert personals friendly junior staff into senior staff for has corruption prop (generators Maintenance bills ETC). First of all best performance friendly staff corruption with officers ,> then others staff 12 % 14 % percents for performance ? Kahan ke insaf huga pechley sal me be sub ku bewakoof banwaya ?

  3. PTCL management halfaaan battaye keh wo ptcl workers ko un k kaaam ki bunyaad per salary increase kartti hey ya officers k kehney per?

  4. Mazhar Sahib you are so great because you are always thinking about the betterment of PTCL employees, particularly the lower grade but here I would like to give you quite a free advice if you don’t mind and that is (PTCL EMPLOYEES BE CONSIDERED AS CIVIL SERVANTS). At this way your worries and thinking about these poor employees would automatically be finished. It will also enable you to concentrate your focus over the betterment of PTCL instead of employees. Furthermore introducing performance allowance is good initiative but don’t ignore governmental yearly increase because it will base upon inflation rate.

  5. Very bed policy for workers , officero ne pechley sal me surf 12% percent dey thy ,, yeh sara sar Na insafi hai 20% percent nahi detey hain surf Mely baght instruction se 12 % ya 15 % percent detey hain > aghar koi union hai tu is ke bare me suchey apney Awaz de dey ??? (Prop ops Balochistan) now we Requested to Union friends Leaders please Consideration this workers Problems .

  6. Haji Allah Muhammad

    buttering basically good conduct ko khte hn .agar employee ka conduct acha nhn to us k liay dismisal from service ki penality hay chahay ap iftikar ch sb se poch lo.shukar karo ap jaisay nakamon ko officer rhm kha kr maaf kr daity hn

  7. performance allowance is good thing if this allowance is given on merit basis… sometime it happens such allowances are given only those employees who are tout and make buttering of officer is given only them…

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