PTCL Ethics: Vision, Mission, Core Values and Responsibilities

Pakistan  Telecommunication

Company Limited

PTCL Headquarters,

Sector G-8/4, Islamabad

Statement of Ethics and Business Practices


It is our vision to be the leading ICT service provider in the region by achieving customers’ satisfaction and maximizing shareholders’ value.


Our mission is to achieve our vision by having:

1) an organizational environment that fosters professionalism, motivation and quality;

2) an environment that is cost effective and quality conscious;

3) services that are based on the most optimum technology;

4) ‘quality’ and ‘time’ conscious customer service; and

5) sustained growth in earnings and profitability.

Core Values

In achieving our mission and making our vision a reality, we will practice the values of professional integrity, customer satisfaction, team work and company loyalty.


As a corporate citizen, we recognize five main areas of responsibility:

To Our Shareholders

We will strive to protect shareholders’ investment, and provide an attractive return.

To Our Customers

We will win and maintain our customers by developing effective and innovative connectivity and making it affordable for our customers.

To Our Employees

We understand and realize that commercial success depends on the full commitment of all employees so we will remain committed to team work and a working environment where there is mutual respect and where everyone feels responsible for the performance and reputation of our company.

To Our Business Partners

PTCL is committed to establishing mutually beneficial relations with its suppliers, customers and business partners. We expect our business partners to adhere to business principles consistent with our own.

To Society

PTCL wishes to remain a trusted corporate citizen. As an integral part of society, PTCL observes the laws of Pakistan and aims to enhance general well being of the society by promoting education, health and cultural activities conducive to the growth and development of its fellow citizens.

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