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PTCL EVO & Nitro 3G Wi-Fi Cloud, Now with Super charged Battery

PTCL EVO & Nitro 3G Wi-Fi Cloud


Lahore (Thursday, January 03, 2013) – PTCL is Pakistan’s largest wireless broadband service provider. 3G EVO and 3G EVO Nitro are its most popular wireless internet products.

Now PTCL offers EVO & Nitro 3G Wi-Fi Cloud with Truly Super-charged Battery for an enhanced user experience!

3G Wi-Fi Cloud Product highlights

  PTCL Offers Instant 3G Wi-Fi hotspot

PTCL Wi-Fi Cloud

Pakistan’s First 3G hotspots offering EVO 3.1Mbps speeds with EVO Wi-Fi Cloud & Rev B speeds of up to 9.3Mbps with /nitro cloud on the Go

Connects up to 5 Wi-Fi gadgets simultaneously

You can use it as an external storage device via the provided Micro SD Card slot

Fits easily in your pocket

Better battery life with an improved 2700mAh battery for both EVO & Nitro clouds

Built-in battery supports 10-12hrs usage for both EVO & Nitro clouds

Speeds up to 9.3Mbps in 200+ cities nationwide with Nitro Cloud

Un-interrupted roaming in 250+cities at 3.1Mbps speeds with EVO Wi-Fi cloud

Simple, one touch connectivity

Perfect for the on-the-go connectivity

Long-lasting battery backup time

Unlimited Data Volume downloads!

Superior 3G experience

EVO & Nitro 3G Wi-Fi Cloud Campaign Highlights:

Bigger Better Battery—EVO Cloud with a 2700mAH battery now supports 10-12hrs of usage, which is the same as Nitro Cloud’s battery time.

Better Performance & longer usage time— Built-in battery that supports up-to 6 hours usage for download and 12 hours usage for browsing. Ideal for creating an on-the-go instant connectivity cloud for multiple users simultaneously to let the users stay connected freely

Data Storage— EVO  & Nitro Cloud support Micro SD cardthat lets the user store data by inserting an SD card into the provided slot, and carry their data anywhere they want.

Can Be used as an external charger–Both devices can be used as external chargers to charge-up various gadgets, including Mobile phones, MP3 Players etc.

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