PTCL EVO Wifi Cloud Sales Locations

PTCL EVO Wifi Cloud Sales Locations

Lahore S.No OSS Name
1 OSS CTH Lahore,
2 OSS Hyperstar Lahore,
3 OSS DHA Lahore,
4 OSS Cantt Lahore,
5 OSS Ali Park Lahore,
6 OSS Misrishah Lahore,
7 OSS Garden Town Lahore,
8 OSS Faisal Town Lahore,
9 OSS Kamran Block Lahore,
10 OSS Shahpur Lahore,
11 OSS Kashmir Block Lahore,
12 OSS Samanbad Lahore,
13 OSS Pace Lahore,
14 OSS Egerton Road Lahore,
15 OSS Gulshan Ravi Lahore,
16 OSS Barkat market Lahore,


Karachi S.No OSS Name
1 OSS Gulshan Karachi,
2 OSS-Nazimabad Karachi,
3 OSS-Pak Capital Karachi,
4 OSS-Gulistan-e-Johar Karachi,
5 OSS-KAP Karachi,
6 OSS Clifton Karachi,
7 OSS  Defense Karachi,
8 OSS Misrishah Karachi,
9 OSS Central Karachi,


Islamabad S.No OSS Name
1 OSS F5 Sector Islamabad,
2 OSS F7 Sector Islamabad,
3 OSS F8 Sector Islamabad,
4 OSS F11 Sector Islamabad,
5 OSS Cantt Rawalpindi



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