PTCL Management in LHC : Court Maintain NIRC’s orders about workers resumption of duties and pay release but grant releif in contempt of court case:

PTCL Management in LHC : Court Maintain NIRC’s orders about workers resumption of duties and pay release but  grants releif in contempt of court case:

Today ( Tuesday, October 12, 2010) Lahore High Court (Rawalpindi Bench) disagreed with PTCL management to suspends the NIRC orders dated October 1, 2010, in which PTCL workers terminations, suspensions and pay stoppage orders were suspended But court grant relief in contempt of court case to PTCL management.

Jang 13 October, 2010 - LHC Pindi bench - PTCL writ against NIRC order dated 1 Oct

From PTCL management Mr. Naeem Bukhari appeared and Mr. Malik Amjad Advocate appeared from PTCL Workers. The single bench was consist of Justice Ejaz Ahmad. The next proceedings will be held on October 21, 2010.


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    This website is very useful for ptcl workers. we can get information about court cases relating to ptcl workers. we hope all affected ptcl workers shall be helped and properly guided through this website.

  2. Dear,
    Any update??? what is status of terminated Employees during strike.

  3. Rashid Siddiqi says:

    The matter is that, how long workers will go on court to court and how long it would take to implement the decisions. Salaries are still stopped, supsensions, terminations of employees are still on record but no implemntation of High court orders. Why…..Is it deviation and disobdience or institutions are weak to give the decisions pragmatic shape or M/S Etisalat is above the law?

  4. Allah adlia ki azadi qaim o daim rakkhay
    adlia zidabad
    Pakistan paindabad

  5. all workers maintain unity in the leadership of malik maqbool, rana hassan, and qureshi sahib, jeo ghayyur-e-pakistan and ghayyur-e-ptcl mazdoor zindabad malik, rana, qureshi zindabad

  6. Tumam Workers apna itehaad MAAQBOOL RANA QUERESHI ki qiadat mein qaim rakhein upni jadojehad jaari rakhein

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    chorey ga.

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    Hamri umer bi app ko lug jay

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    Beaing a worker of PTCL it is our responsibility to provide the correct information to others employees and I think ptcl is best source who provide the correct & rapid information to PTCL employees,I pray for workers success.


    Muhammad Afzal Awan ( Central worker)
    Pak Telecom Labour Union
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    Ptcl Magament

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