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PTCL launched Relief Package for Flood Affected Employees in Sindh

PTCL launched Relief Operation for Flood Affected Employees in Sindh : PTCL providing relief to its affected employees in Sindh.
Islamabad (September 19, 2011) : Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) in order to ease the suffering of its employees and their families in rain- and flood-affected areas is acting involved in providing them relief and work on their rehabilitation.
PTCL has always supported its employees in the hour of need whether it was an earth quake, flood, aftermath of natural calamities or epidemic like dengue fever.
The recent rains coupled with floods have devastated a large area of Sindh and thousands of PTCL employees and their families have been displaced from their homes and have lost their belongings. In this hour of need, PTCL has extended its initial support to them in the form of essential food items and medicines and has launched its emergency relief operations for its employees and their families across Sindh.

PTCL Relief Package for Flood Affectees - Express 20-9-2011

According to details, relief bags have been distributed among the affected employees of Badin, Tando Muhammad Khan, Tando Allah Yar, Tharparker, Sanghar, Nawabshah and Larkana. The medical centers at Latifabad, Kotri, Mirpur Khas, Nawabshah and Larkana have been converted into flood relief medical camps while three mobile medical units are also providing medical care to the people of remote flood affected areas.

PTCL has ensured that these camps and doctors are well equipped so that the maximum numbers of employees and their families benefit.
SEVP HR and ADMIN Syed Mazhar Hussain has expressed his sympathies for the affected members of the PTCL family in Sindh and has assured the organizations help and support to do the best possible for early recovery and rehabilitation of the affected employees. He hoped that the efforts and contribution by PTCL would help in providing relief to the effected member of the PTCL family.
PTCL management will stand by its people in these crucial times and continue to provide them with all possible assistance, when and wherever required.
(Published in PTCL Offical Website)

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  1. Mr sagheer you say all ok.I am also from sakhar near ghosia masque. our all house was badly effected by this flood.I also request to MAZHAR SAHIB please now fix 20% of pay in my pay which was not entered in my pay last year.but now i was at 14% pay increase.My officer was very ashame that your 20% was missed by me as i was on attached with other division.and my officer thought that my own division will send it but i was missed both side and now aftr one year ptcl managmentr is not fixing my last year 20% increase with arrear.In flood we are very badly effected .ptcl managment I request with touch your feet that kindly we are poor people and merciful for all specially for managment of ptcl.kindly fix our 20% of our pay with arrear .with this arrear i will repair roof of my house which now leaks every where with heavy rains

  2. Assalam o alaikum
    we feel very happy that ptcl launching help for us in flood situation.Etisalat company will be found it,s lose character in this situation.If ptcl fulfil it,s promise for the last back year of 20% pay increase of remaining 5% employees.In which i also suffered due to personal matters with our incharge.so i was missed of 20 % increase in pay .and etisalat promised and mailed to all pakistan that if next appresal will ok then one year arrear will be given to employees.my new appresal is ok so ptcl shoul give me one year arrear of 20% pay and fix in my pay ..so that i will repair my walls of my house which is badly effected by flood.i andall pakistan eployees shall pray for ptcl managment because many employees were missed due to personal matteres with their officers.
    Mr Mazhar hussain please interview the employees who were missed for 20% then you will found your many officer guilty

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