PTCL launches Dengue Awareness Campaign

PTCL launches Dengue Awareness Campaign
Islamabad (September 17, 2011) : Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited (PTCL) has launched a comprehensive dengue awareness campaign regarding preventive measures against dengue virus in all the exchanges and colonies of PTCL.
The PTCL management has also directed all hospitals on its panels to provide best medical facilities to its employees and their family members admitted with dengue fever.

Dangue virus in Lahore & Panic

All PTCL health centers are also on red alert to treat the employees suffering from dengue fever during early stage. Contact numbers of PTCL’s medical officials have also been shared with the employees and emergency transport facility has been ensured so that immediate remedial measures could be taken at the earliest to save the lives of the employees.

All exchanges and staff colonies are being sprayed with pesticides and fogging machines are being used to reduce the chance of dengue virus. Emergency committees and representatives from within PTCL have been formed headed by a team of qualified doctors of PTCL to deliver lectures on preventive measures against dengue virus at different locations.
Following its policy of employee welfare, PTCL continues to develop and implement various welfare programmes for its employees across the country. As an organisation, PTCL believes that its real strength and assets are its employees.
(Published in PTCL Official Website)

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  1. PTCL should provide spray and fogging machine and medicine to its employees accross the country so that to reduce dengue fever chance.

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