PTCL NCPG, Daily Wages Employees Regularization – NIRC orders dated November 23, 2012

PTCL NCPG, daily wages, work charge and adhoc 86 Employees Regularization – NIRC orders dated November 23, 2012


8.                            Reference with advantage can be given to illustrious

Ruling of the Hon’ able Supreme Court of Pakistan reported as 2003-PLC-CS-796 which inter alia determines this:-

“__ quit conveniently inference can be drawn that the respondents were put on the jobs which were likely to continue for a period of more than nine months, as such in view of the provision of Order 1(b) of the Ordinance, 1968 they have attained the status of a permanent workman.”

9.                            By seeking guidance from the illustrious verdicts of the superior courts as have been made available to me, I can say without any fear of repudiation that the petitioners have a valid claim. Consequently I accept their petition. They shall be regularized in service from the date of appointment of each petitioner, with consequential benefits, if any.


Dated: 23-11-2012

(Abdul Jabbar Khan)


National Industrial Relation Commission


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