PTCL Notification Regarding Employees Pay Increase 2013

PTCL Employees Salary Increase Notification – Performance Allowance 2013

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No.TM&L/Salary/2013                                      Dated: 21st March, 2013

Inter Office Memo

Subject: Salary Increase for PTCL Employees

As a result of improved financial performance of PTCL during the period ]uly-December 2012, the management has decided to announce the salary increase for all Regular, NTC, and NCPG employees, effective from Is1 April, 2013.

PTCL employees Pay Increase Notification Dated 21-3-2013

PTCL employees Pay Increase Notification Dated 21-3-2013

It remains encouraging to note that hard work, devotion, and loyalty of the employees during this period has contributed to this improvement and the management is fulfilling its part of commitment by giving substantial salary raise in return.

While this salary increase is an acknowledgement of the contributions made by our employees’ dedication, it’s also a testament to the management’s resolve to ascertain that henceforth better performance and output would be the key success factors in PTCL and would lead to greater financial rewards.
This increase, based on the performance evaluation and ranking of employees in the recently concluded PMS, will be in the range of 20-30% of Running Basic Pay, as on 31st March, 2013, for all Management and Non-Management Employees and administered as “Performance Allowance -2013.”
The salary increment in case of the following instances will be managed as described below:
a.   Disciplinary Cases: Employees whose cases are in process and not yet finalized will not be eligible for salary increase. For such employees, the salary increase will depend on the outcome of the disciplinary case.
b.  LPR / Notice period: Employees who are on LPR or have served notice for leaving the Company on or before 1st April 2013 will not be eligible for this increase.
c.   Promotions / New Hiring: All employees who have been newly hired, promoted, or given salary increase during the period 1st October 2012 – 31st March 2013 will not be eligible for the salary increase.
d.  Waiting: Employees who remained on waiting for a time period of three (03) months or more after 1st July, 2012 will be eligible for Minimum Raise only.
The management sincerely hopes that our employees will work more zealously and put forth more efforts to positively contribute towards the financial progress and development of PTCL in order to gain more rewards and benefits in the future.



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    pension increase karty huay kiya hota hay ptcl management ko. zalimo hamara haq bhi do.


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