PTCL Offers VSS to 500 Show-Cause Holders Employees

PTCL Offers VSS to 500 Show-cause Holders Employees

PTCL VSS for Officers

PTCL VSS for Officers

Lahore (Friday, February 7, 2014) – Now the phenomenon of “safe exit” is also implemented in Pakistan Telecom Company Ltd. (PTCL).

Company has offered voluntary separation scheme (VSS) to almost 500 employees. These employees belongs to management cadre having BPS scales.

Last month (January 2014) , these PTCL’s Officers were entertained with”Show-Cause Notices” on the basis of forced ranking.

These regular officials were working in all over Pakistan including, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Multan.


  1. Is vss coming for all ptcl employees with revised pay scale .

  2. Who will be the responsible the death ratio inrease in PTCL empoyees. out Govt, Ministry or PTCL Management

  3. What is the impact of vss on lahore region?

  4. what is pakage/formula?

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