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PTCL Pensioners: Afzal Farooqi (Islamabad) Writes Letter in “News Post”

PTCL pensioners (Letter published in Daily The News on June 4, 2012)
In the last two years, pensions of retired government employees have increased up to 25 percent. But, the PTCL pensioners have not received any increase in their pensions during this period.
The Islamabad High Court and the Supreme Court have given their judgments in favour of the PTCL pensioners. I request the government to look into the matter and put an end to this discrimination.
Afzal Farooqi

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  1. Thanks for the efforts made by Mr. Afzal Farooqi, pl chase up with every media so that poor pensioners voice may be lauded everywhere about in-justice being done with old aged ptcl pensioners.

  2. Mr dear friend this is Pakistan and corrupt Govt;will nerver do this because they have no any benifit from it,so prays to GOD to take/remove this Govt; from our country and bring good peoples to rule this country.,or if you have power to remove them by peoples force then do it,or wait for .



  4. My dear brother you are a Pakistani and keep expectation like Europe citizen. The media of this country only highlights these issues which either against the targeted governmental elements or in favour of their own. You all pensioners must publish such type letters and also stage demonstration in big cities at least once in a month and do not lose hearts because it will bring good news very soon.

  5. Thank you Mr.Afzal farooqi for writing about the genuine problem of the old and aged pensioners, who have been declared by this so called democratic government as honourable citizen in papers but could not implement their ordinances in their own regime till date. The behavior of the government is not too much strange as usual regarding poor and lay men, but the calm behavior of press, which never tire of claiming the champion of the rights, is also too much astonishing. So, once again appeal to the media for highlighting the matter that; why these pensioners have been deprived from the benefits announced by the government, not implementing of the orders of honourable supreme court and Islamabad High Court as well.

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