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PTCL Pensioners Association Multan Letter to Daily Pakistan and Saif uddin Appeal to CJP

Multan (June 14, 2012) – PTCL Pensioners Association Multan is also struggling for the cause of PTCL’s retired employees. Association is organizing various protests demonstration and media campaign. On June 13, 2012 association held a successful demonstration in front of Prime Minister House Multan in a scorching heat.

Following are the glimpses of their media campaign using print media (News papers)

PTCL Pensioners Association Multan Mr. Saif uddin Appeal to CJP published in Daily Nawaiwaqt Multan Dated 4-6-2012
PTCL Pensioners Association Multan Letter to Daily Pakistan Multan 7-6-2012



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  1. chief justice ab kahan hain ap aap ka insaas aap ka az khud notice

  2. AOA. No doubt this was a very good effort of our friends and colleagues of Multan but we need untired efforts with unity. We need to strengthen the hands of those people who are fighting the cases against PTCL/PTET in shape of moral as well as financial (as far as we can).
    New Pension Rules are example of corruption, nepotism and bad governance on the level of present regime. Inspite of clear observation of august Supreme Court of Pakistan and imposing restrictions by Telecom Act itself, PTCL/PTET had succeeded to get the new rules notified which is clearly in disadvantage of the PTCL pensioners/employees (who will also become pensioners after some time).
    New Pension Rules has been implemented w.e.f. 22-05-2012 and it cannot be withdrawn or cancelled through our verbal discussions rather these will be declared null and void by the court of competent jurisdiction.
    My brothers please keep one thing in your mind that BADNAM-E-ZAMANA ORDINANCE NRO was implemented inspite of the fact that the same was against the social values/norms and not acceptable to majority of our nation, declared cancelled/withdrawn by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan.

  3. Ye wahid Hamara pakistan hai yahan koi jaiz demond bhi jidojihid ke siwa nahein milti Hamare bare kahte hein hum is lia pakistan ko chuna ke yahan par insaf hoga aman hoga koi barozgar nahein hoga koi kisi ka haq gazab nahein kare ga sokon ki neend soe ga yahan ane se hamein kiya mila nafratein qatal wa gartgri dake manthliyaan camission bhate ham na na socha tha ke hamara mustaqbil tabahi our barbadi ke siwa kuch nahein meli ga ab hamare hamare bachoon ka kiya mustaqbil hai ham penssion k lia dar ba dar hein roadoon par hein hakim logoon ke kanoon par se joon tak nahein reingte ham akhiridam tak apne hakook ke lia rastoon par courtoon mein larenge our larne waloon ke sath rahein ge ham apne mustaqbil ke lie apne bachoon ke lia larein gay be rahm logoon ke age hath phelana …………….acha nahein larna marjana behtar hai Main aap se guzarish karta hoon ab latest position kiya he peche mat hatna jedo jihad jari rakhana hum tumhare sath hein 400000 penssioner aap ka sath denge.

  4. Saeed Ahmad Tahir

    Aap ki kawishen qabil e tehseen hen, hum sb aap k sath hen.Saeed Tahir VSS Optee Bahawal pur

  5. Dear All PTCL Pensioners
    First I convey my well-wishing to all PTCL Pensioners and Employees.
    After that being a senior old citizen and pensioner I and all PTCL Pensioners are on protest since long.
    Flattery Gillani arrived to end, hellish hybrid Raja Pervaiz on scene, who will fill his big corpulence. I don’t know. Perhaps Castrated Zardari the stockbroker of prostitute Benazir Bhutto. All world know that she was a low class prostitute in London. Rascal Zardari is neighboring by the mischief back-biting associates and they are not concur to our Right. Backer rouge Aitzaz Ahsan behind infirmity. Aitzaz and like other peoples have got their retaliation infinitely.
    We only see towards Almighty Allah. We have no any hope by merchant Zardari and his govt. How much more vagabond Zardari will remain in act. The big rascal Zulfiqar Bhutto on his Radio Speech on10-Feb 1972, pour out against the labours-poor workers saying as, “If you not vary your approach then your street power will be force down by using state machinery”. So that Zardari is profess absurd Zulfiqar Bhutto.
    There is end of every thing. Sycophant peoples are deceiving to one-an-other. They will all have must accountable before Allah on the day of judgement.
    In the last I request and see towards the honourable judges of Pakistan Supreme Court to take a wise decision in the favour of PTCL Pensioners.
    We will remain ever prayed for the prosperity of Supreme Court.

    Abdul Salam,
    PTCL Pensioner, Pishin, Quetta.

  6. Fully endorsed for comments by Mr. Habibullah Khan, may God bring something favorable by any sitting Judge of Supreme Court, Aameen !!!!!

  7. Bhai agey ki khair manao q k tajrba ye ha k janey wala waqt acha hota ha is mulk koi sahi nahi ha ab sirf ye dekhna ha k kon bara bura aur kon chota bura?

  8. khuda ka shukar hey aik nainsaaf prime minister se to jaan chuti. allah in sab beeman logon se nijaat dilay. ameen

  9. These rules are not applicable in the light of previous judgements in many cases and also in the light of RE-ORGANIZATION ACT, 1996 so no need to go any court of law, now we are in court of God and Inshallah positive result coming soon. REQUEST FOR PRAY AFTER EVERY “IBADAT”.

  10. Dear All,

    It is time to go High Court against Pension Rule as these rules applicable w.e.f. 22-5-2012 and we may go to any Court to challenge it before 22 June 2012 otherwise it will be applicable in future.


    Shafqat Ali

  11. I am at loss to understand why the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan has not yet taken the Suo Moto on the plea of poor Pensioners of PTCL. I request to the Hon: Chief Justice as well as other Judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to please look into the jenuine demand of us and issue necessary orders to PTET, PTCL & Governement authorities, particularly Finance Minister Mr. Abdul Hafeez Sheiakh, as he is the man who was in the fore front at the time of transaction between PTCL & Itisalat. Now the said Mr. Finance Minister is in deep slumber over the issue to raise in PTCL Pensioners because some misdeed has been committed between the parties at the time of (loot) sale of PTCL.

  12. They know every thing but have fingers in their ears.

  13. nice

  14. inshallah zaroor haqe ki awaz buland ho gi

  15. i love chief justice of pakistan he must decide our case. he is the man of hope and justice.god bless you chief.do no worry we are with you inshallah good by.




    ھم بھی پڑے ھیں راہوں میں ۔ پی ٹی سی ایل پنشنرز کے مظلوم انصاف کےمنتظر



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