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PTCL Pensioners Protest in Front of Prime Minister (Gillani) House Multan

PTCL Pensioners Protest in Front of Prime Minister (Gillani) House Multan on 13-06-2012

Multan (June 13, 2012) – PTCL Pensioners Association Multan held a protest demonstration in front of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani House in Multan for their demands of pension raise and medical allowance as per Federal Government announcements in Budget 2010-2011 and 2011-2012.

Protest lead by President association Pervaiz Bhatti and General Secretary Saif ud-Din Qureshi.

They submit memorandum to PM House Staff Officer Mr. Arif Khan for necessary action.

PTCL Pensioners Protest in Front of Prime Minister (Gillani) House Multan on 13-6-2012
PTCL Pensioners protest in front of PM House Multan on 13-6-2012


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  1. Dear All PTCL Pensioners
    First I convey my well-wishing to all PTCL Pensioners and Employees.
    After that being a senior old citizen and pensioner I and all PTCL Pensioners are on protest since long.
    Flattery Gillani arrived to end, hellish hybrid Raja Pervaiz on scene, who will fill his big corpulence. I don’t know. Perhaps Castrated Zardari the stockbroker of prostitute Benazir Bhutto. All world know that she was a low class prostitute in London. Rascal Zardari is neighboring by the mischief back-biting associates and they are not concur to our Right. Backer rouge Aitzaz Ahsan behind infirmity. Aitzaz and like other peoples have got their retaliation infinitely.
    We only see towards Almighty Allah. We have no any hope by merchant Zardari and his govt. How much more vagabond Zardari will remain in act. The big rascal Zulfiqar Bhutto on his Radio Speech on10-Feb 1972, pour out against the labours-poor workers saying as, “If you not vary your approach then your street power will be force down by using state machinery”. So that Zardari is profess absurd Zulfiqar Bhutto.
    There is end of every thing. Sycophant peoples are deceiving to one-an-other. They will all have must accountable before Allah on the day of judgement.
    In the last I request and see towards the honourable judges of Pakistan Supreme Court to take a wise decision in the favour of PTCL Pensioners.
    We will remain ever prayed for the prosperity of Supreme Court.

    Abdul Salam,
    PTCL Pensioner, Pishin, Quetta.

  2. Dear All,

    We will succeed only knocking at the door of court. Our Association Leader should challenge the recent Pension Rules latested by 21st June, 2012 as its issuance date is 22nd May, 2012 otherwise we will bear irrepairable loss.


    Shafqat Ali

  3. My, Dear Kashif Ali,

    I too am a Retired PTCL Pensioner under VSS and facing hardships like thousands of other. I got retireed from NTR-I, Peshawar and presently living at my native town i.e Layyah (Punjab). My heart felt sentiments are narrated some time in agressive tone which hurt some fellows for which I apologize, but frastrated men like us have no option but to cry in the hope, that some one may hear our voice.Any how thankyou very much for asking my identity.

  4. once again we request the Chief Justice to help and save us from PTCL atrocities gecause enough is enough.

  5. Well done. PTCL pensioners protest in front of costly dressed prime ministers house is supported by all. We are ready to join protest as announced in the protest. May ALLAH replace the cruel organs from the Govt. with gracious host peoples.

  6. Dear Habib Ullah Khan were do you live whose is Gentleman ,who have change himself ,God Bless to you and our country Pakistan and remove these peoples from Govt.

  7. I extend my full support to the poor pensioners of PTCL who are on Roads in this hot weather to ptotest against the injustice being meted out to us by PTET & PTCL Management. We will continue our struggle in the hope that our legtimte demands will be honored by the Prime Minister of Pakistant who is a gentleman and hopefully has a kind heart too. As far as Minister for IT is concerned he is a declared persona non grata and now is a chance for him to get his name vandicated by standing with the Pensioners of PTCL by forcing the PTET to implement the increase of Pensions as per Govt: of Pakistan announcement of previous two years as well as of current Budget too. Let us hope for the good.

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