PTCL Privatization & Thereafter : Muhammad Aamir Waheed Column in Daily Aflak Lahore (05-09-2011)

PTCL Privatization – Muhammad Aamir Waheed Column (Kiya Such Hay?) in Daily Aflak Lahore published on Monday, September 5, 2011 (05-09-2011).

Aamir Waheed Artilcle in Daily Aflak Lahore dated 05-09-2011 - PTCL Privatization and its results



  1. amir bhai

    your column is great

  2. محمد عامر سعید صاحب اپکا کالم انعام دینے کا ھے ۔ آفسوس یھ کالم اپنے کسی اور ملک کے احبار میں لکھا ھوتا ۔ ادھر پاکستان میں سوائے ردی کے ٹھو کری کے سیوا کوئ جگھ نھیں ۔ میں داد دیتا ھوں

  3. Tanveer Abbasi Karachi says:

    Well done young waheed, but none will hear neither you nor I. No chief justice of pakistan, no PM,CM,President;all for their own desires and yoking their strings for their benefits.

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