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PTCL Privatization Program in 92 News HD “Muqabil” on Feb 29, 2016

PTCL Privatization Program in 92 News HD “Muqabil” on Feb 29, 2016

Lahore (Monday, February 29, 2016) – Today a discussion program event held on 92 News HD TV Channel. The Programme was Muqabil. This program telecast today on Monday, February 29, 2016. Programe time was from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Anchor Persons were Rauf Kalasra, Nabeeha Ejaz and Amir Mateen. While they discussed with PPP’s Senator Ijaz Ghani.

They all discussed PTCL latest issued regarding non-payment of PTCL Privatization Dues pending to paid by Etisalat. While Discussing Rauf Kalasra to that real role in PTCl’s Privstisation was of Finace Minister Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh. He was Federal Minister of Chairman Privatization Commission in Pervaiz Musharraf Tenure. He also that 33 properties are still not renamed on Etisalat.

92 Channel PTCL Privatization Report
92 Channel PTCL Privatization Report


Minister for Climate Change Zahid Hamid Monday informed the Senate that the government was pressing again and again Etislate to pay remaining $ 800 million to Pakistan on account of privatization of 26 percent share of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL).

Winding up debate on a motion moved by Syed Shibili Faraz that the House may discuss the privatization of PTCL with particular reference to delay in payment of $ 800 million to the government, the minister said that the sale purchase agreement was took place in 2006 and $ 1.4 billion was paid but the remaining payment was attached with transferring of some 3248 properties to the Etislate.

He said out of total only 33 properties were not yet transferred to the Etislate. The value of these 33 properties was evaluated as $ 87 million, he added. He said that the Etislate was asked to subtract their amount as per 26 percent of the share from $ 87 million and pay the remaining amount outstanding against them since 2006.

The minister said numbers of meetings at high level were also held to settle the issue. Earlier, moving the motion, PTI lawmaker Syed Shibli Faraz said the Cabinet approved sale purchase privatization agreement of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) in 2006, and $ 1.6 billion was paid.

It was decided that the remaining amount would be paid in nine equal instalments till 2010 but still $ 800 million was not yet paid to the government.

He said that payment of $ 800 million was attached with transferring of properties but these could not be transferred.He said, ” we can earn $ 67 million per annum interest on $ 800 million.” He said the government should take the house on board and apprised what steps were taken for recovering $ 800 million.

Saeed Ghani said an amount of $ 800 million has been struck for the last 10 years. “If interest can be paid to Iran on its freezed account then why it cannot be paid on remaining $ 800 million,” he said.

Senator Tanveer Khan said the incumbent government has cleared all properties except 33 and expressed the hope that the struck amount would be paid. He said those people should be taken to task who struck such false deal. Col. Tahir Hussain Mashhadi Pakistan is a poor country and the government should expedite its efforts to recover this huge amount.

He said that no body was against the strategic partnership but it should be for betterment and revival of any institution. Shahi Syed said there were three schools and one hospital in Haripur which were set up in TIP factory jointly owned by TIP, NRTC and PTCL.

He said the TIP factory has 4000 employees but they were axed after privatization of PTCL. He said the employees of these schools and the hospital were working on contract for the last 20-25 years and often their salaries remain stopped.

Ghous Muhammad Khan Niazi and Nihal Hashmi said the deal was struck in past and the incumbent government was taking stride to resolve the issue. They questioned why lawmakers were hesitating to name Shaukat Aziz for his role in the faulty deal.

Mushahidullah Khan said PTCL was destroyed through shabby deal and some lawmakers were also part of that government which had struck the deal. He said that Dr Hafeez was the head of privatization commission when PTCL was privatized. He said Dr Hafeez also remained finance minister during PPP led coalition government. Barrister Saif Ali Khan suggested setting up an oversight committee of house to look into matter.

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