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PTCL Public Notice for Employees Dated September 14, 2010:

PTCL Public Notice for Employees Dated September 14, 2010:




PTCL Public Notice for Employees - Jang 14-09-2010

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  1. @Zulfiqar

    No one wants you to work for your old salary. The management just wants you to work, thats why they have increased your salary by 30% and the rest 20% is performance based. Its clear that the employees don’t want to work, why else would they protest so strongly against the condition of performance on the 20% pay raise?

    In my mind, the management is cutting its employees the best deal possible and you are still protesting?

  2. What exactly PTCL stand for


    P doesn’t show Pakistan.

    There is an abusive word, but It doesn’t suit me to use it.

  3. PTCL has celebrated Year 2008-09 as year of CUSTOMER CARE. LOL

    I think they should celebrate it now on monthly basis.

    My phone line, DSL (6mbps) both are down sine 17th of August. I have moved to Wi-tribe.

    Go to hell PTCL

  4. @Ajmal
    U’re nuts. What terrorism? See a psychiatrist. I am sure Allah shall ask your people about the trouble you created for customers who had nothing to do with the ptcl management.

  5. It has been over month now and my PTCL line along with my DSL is down and no action is being taken despite various complain.

    I am a student using Blogging as source of income to support my studies and thanks to PTCL guys I won’t be able to get my check for this month because I don’t have internet connection to update and promote my blog. It cost me over 1000 a month to have this PTCL line.

    So Now PTCL charges its customers for making them suffer from bad service(and no service at all in my case), charges for destroying my only source of income.

    I am here to say Thank you PTCL

    “I can feel the difference”

    If you can stop for a mint and take a look at you company and tell my why in spite of all the advertisement people should join such a service provider that has no regard for its customer.

    Please make me understand how can a lines of our whole street end up dead in a day, it’s certainly no other then PTCL employees who are doing this.

    While fight is between employees and administration it is the customer who is being penalized. I encourage you to take notice of this situation and take action and repair my phone line and DSL and apologize for this inconvenience and confirm that you will charge no bills for month because You haven’t provided any service to me this month to me.

  6. All Out side of PTCL are cruel and selfish people people. If they employ then they have raised in salary and if they are business man then they have raised there items rate for more profit. But They want PTCL employees still work at old salary that they have not right to live with them as a just middle class.
    Very Selfish

  7. No you are wrong. Your Phones are not restoring near future. When the PTCL Management calling us Terrorist now we accepted that we are terrorist and now watch out terror from tomorrow.

  8. I don’t think it worked. The 15th of Sep is almost over and my DSL is still not working. These PTCL employees are really stubborn and especially rude to customers. The sooner these people are kicked out and replaced by more customer friendly staff, the better.

  9. In Lahore my phone and Dsl are out since 22 Aug. Hoping to see better customer support after it.

  10. thats great news. now i hope these all ptcl people will work honestly… hehe… and i hope my phone will be restored after 28 days….

  11. Absolutely right.. No work no pay

    I am waiting for my phone line to be rectified in Gulshan Iqbal since over one month and anxiously pray to Allah Ta’ala that PTCL appoints new linemen as soon as possible.

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